Best Torrenting sites to download top torrents

Best Torrent Sites in 2024

Best torrent sites: If you are frustrated with searching torrents and top torrent download sites but failed. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you with our extensive list of Best Torrenting Websites. First and foremost, we strongly recommend you download legal and copyright-free content. we never recommend or promote downloading protected works because it’s wrong, that’s all.

The list of best torrenting sites is constantly evolving but to save your time we have made a table of the best out of them. At the moment even while using the top torrent sites, it is highly recommended that you use a torrenting VPN to download. Here is the comprehensive list of best VPNs:

The Best Torrenting Sites in 2024

Best Torrent sites in 2024 are:


KickassTorrent is one of the most popular torrent websites. It provides a directory of the torrent files available for peer-to-peer sharing using bit-torrent or micro torrent. It was launched back in November 2008. For some years It was the world’s most popular bit-torrent directory ranked even higher than The Pirates Bay.

The website offers all sorts of Torrent files which include the latest release Movies, TV Shows. Due to this Kickass Torrent has always been under the radar of the U.S. government. Authorities have blocked dozens of its domains but it always gets revived on a new domain.

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Yify Torrents

Looking to download movies in the highest quality but at the smallest file size look no further to Yify Torrents or YTS. It is one of the oldest movie downloading websites on the Internet since 2011. The website is nicely designed with a quick search to find movies of choice. That’s why this torrenting site made a place in our Best Torrent Sites List.

The content library includes around 288 4k movies at the time of writing this article. Overall when trying to browse movies we 34266 on the Yify Torrents. The collection is certainly huge with an option to filter movies through quality, genres, and rating. All of this is available for free with little to no ads.

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The Pirate Bay

The Pirates Bay is a synonymous name for top torrent websites. It was founded way back in 2003. TPB allows its users to search and download movies, TV shows, and other files by peer-to-peer sharing using BitTorrent or micro torrent networks.

The current homepage of The Pirate Bay has a Private Search box. Other than that It has the option to Browse Torrents, Top 100, Recent torrents, TV shows, and Music options. Select the content type in which you are interested in getting it downloaded on your computer for free.


RARBG is one of the most visited websites in the world today. The website was started back in 2008 and it is still alive today. The current URL of the site is The most interesting thing about RARBG is despite being a torrent site it does not allow users to upload content. It means most of the content available is uploaded by the admin.

Talking about the content, RARBG specializes in English language high-quality videos. But it is not limited to just that one can also download content such as games, software, and music. In recent news, RARBG access was blocked last year in December.


FMovies is another very popular torrenting website that allows users to watch the latest movies online for free. The website has a collection of over 20000 movies and 5000 TV Shows. It offers high-quality streaming without any registration. The content on the FMovies website gets updated almost every day.

With such a huge collection of movies and TV shows, it is almost guaranteed that you will find your favorite ones. The library of FMovies is categorized by Genre and Country. It has a separate section for movies and TV Shows. Not just that It also has the top IMDB movies section for all the popular content from IMDB. On top of all FMovies offers a free Android app.

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Putlocker is one of the top torrent websites used for streaming films and TV Shows. It was started back in 2011. After the shutdown of Megaupload, Putlocker became popular and started getting millions of visitors every single day. Currently, Putlockers receives over 100 Million page views every day. 

On the current Putlocker website, there is a search box available to Search Movies or TV Series. One can enter the movie or web series title name in the given search box and find that movie. Using the Putlocker search engine is completely free, you don’t have to spend anything on it.

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CouchTuner is a free streaming website. It streams free movies and online TV shows. Despite being free, CouchTuner provides the best quality streaming in 720p and 1080p. Currently, it is live on a new domain The new website has a nice clean interface with a search option.

One can watch the latest movies, TV shows, anime, and foreign content on Couch Tuner. There are four sections available on the website. New Releases which offer all the latest releases, TV Series list for all the latest TV Shows, Anime for all the English subbed and dubbed Anime content, lastly Foreign for Spanish, German, Korean, French TV Shows.

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If you love watching Cartoon content then your one-stop destination should be KissCartoon. It is one of the biggest free libraries of Cartoon movies and shows. The website has a diverse collection of cartoons.

The content is available to browse as per year and genre. Some of the popular genres are Action, Animation Adventure, Horror, Fantasy, etc. The catalog of KissCartoon has over 5000 cartoons. All of this content is available for free with just a few ads which you can easily disable using Ad Blocker.

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ProjectFreeTV is a free streaming website specializing mainly in TV Shows. It offers thousands of TV Shows available for free. It does not even require any registration. Of course, the website shows some ads to make revenue but you can turn on your ad blocker to get rid of those ads.

The content library of ProjectFreeTV includes Drams, Horror Series, Comedy, Action, Mystery. There is the latest addition section for all the newly added TV Shows. I would say if you love binge-watching TV Shows then you must try out ProjectFreeTV.

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Let Me Watch This

Let Me Watch This was known as PrimeWire earlier. It was recently spilled and available as PrimeWire, and 1Channel. You might be wondering why so, the reason is very simple: LetMeWatchThis became so popular that it came under the radar of government authorities.

The two websites that are available today PrimeWire have a collection of Movies and TV Shows. The available Movie shows can be filtered as per section, quality, Genre, and direction. There is also a search box to search for any Title.

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GoGo Anime

GoGoAnime is a free streaming website offering Anime content. It has a huge catalog of Anime content. You can watch anime content online in English on GoGoAnime. The website also provides English subtitles for a better viewing experience. The quality of the content is also very good.

Talking about the content, There is an Anime list to choose from. The New Season section includes Anime TV Shows. Then there are Movies and Popular sections to watch movies and popular Anime content on the platform. One can also browse the available content as per Genres. Some of the popular ones are Comedy, Music, Drama, etc.

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When FaceTime SharePlay was not a thing, was the best way to watch online videos with friends and family. It does not require to be in the same room to watch the content together. provides the platform to watch movies remotely while chatting. was acquired by Kast back in July 2019. Even before the acquisition, the service got shut down. There was no legal reason for the closure of The main reason which came to the media was that investors took their money back from the business. So, now the website is no longer live. Now opening the redirects to Kast’s official website from where you can watch content with your friends.

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Gomovies was a part of a network of streaming websites operating from Vietnam. The other sites in the network include 123Movies, GoStream, MeMovies, and 123movieshub. At its peak, Gomovies had 98 million users. It was even called the world’s most popular illegal website by MPAA. The website is down but a lot of clones of Gomovies are available.

These clone websites are live on different domains. When I opened the one that ranks as the first result on Google. I landed on a website with a search bar to search movies and TV Shows. The content includes movies, tv shows. Top IMDB and top watched.

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ExtraTorrents commonly known as ET was one of the world’s most popular torrenting websites. Before shutting down its door for the users the website was among the top 5 torrenting websites in the world. Just like other torrent websites it allows visitors to search, download and share movies, tv shows, and software. The website was discontinued back in May 2017.

Still, a few clones of Extratorrents are available on the Internet. One of the top-ranking sites on the keyword Extratorrents offered all different sorts of Movies, Music, Books, Anime, Software torrent content. There is also Today, HD Movies, Latest Movies, and IMDb top 250 section.

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Einthusan alternatives to watch movies and shows

Einthusan is a very popular free movie streaming website. It is best known for Indian regional movies. Einthusan has a huge collection of Indian regional movies in languages like Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Punjabi, etc. It claims to have 4000+ legally licensed content from 9 regional Indian languages. The website does not work properly as it is blocked by ISPs.

In order to visit it, the only option that remains open is using a VPN. I switched on my VPN and visited the website. The content library is huge; almost all recently released Tamil, Telugu, and Punjabi movies were available for streaming. There is also a paid plan for Einthusan which we should avoid as why to pay to watch pirated content.

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As the name suggests KissAnime is an Anime focused streaming website launched back in 2012. It allows users to download movies and TV shows illegally for free. The website was a part of the same network as the famous manga website Kiss Manga. At its peak, KissAnime was one of the biggest anime streaming websites. The website went down last year in August but still, a lot of clones of KissAnime are available on the Internet.

When I visited one of the clones ranking as the very first result for KissAnime. The website offered a search box to look for anime content by name. Then there was an anime list, trending, and schedule section. The collection of content was sufficient enough even the site is a clone.

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Torrent Bees

TorrentBess is the most popular torrent website for video games. You can find video games of all kinds on TorrentBees. The website offers games for different platforms: PC games, PS, Xbox, Nintendo. When I tried to access the website I found it is under maintenance as of now. I hope it will come back online very soon.

As I mentioned above Torrent Bees can be a go-to destination for all video games torrent. You can find any newly launched game title by doing a simple search on it. Most importantly all the video games can be downloaded for free.


TorLock helps to access the latest TV shows and movies. It claims to be A No Fake Torrent Site. What does it mean, TorLock has only verified torrents. To keep the site safe from fake torrents, It offers visitors $1 for each Fake torrent they find.

The content library of TorLock includes Movies, Television Shows, Games, Music. All of them are categorized for easier access. On the homepage latest torrents get listed. If you are unhappy with Fake torrents on other sites then give TorLock a try.

Music Torrents

Music Torrents is a music torrent website. If you are a music lover then it can be a great place to download the latest music. Users visiting the website can also upload new music from their computer on Music Torrents. The website has a fairly simple interface with categories on top and the latest music thereafter.

The music available on Music Torrents is as per their genres. Some of them are Rock, Metal, Pop, Hip hop, Electronic, Classic, etc. The downloading process is simple to tap on any album to visit its page and then tap on Download to get the music downloaded. In my experience, I found the download music quality quite good.

Torrent Games

TorrentGames is a torrent website hosting various games. Think of it as a Games torrent website. It hosts games for P, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo Wil, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, etc. There is a search box to search for specific games. You can imagine the popularity of Torrent Games by looking at the fact that almost every game has thousands of page views.

The game collection on TorrentGames is pretty decent. It has most of the popular game titles available for download. Almost every day new games are added. Some of the popular games available are Grand Theft Auto 5, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, etc.

IP Torrents

IPTorrents is one of the best torrent websites on the web. It provides a good upload and download speed while torrenting. It needs an invite to join IP Torrents and get going. But once you have got the invite and joined it the experience will be amazing. You will be able to find a lot of virus-free content.

That being said, IPTorrents has almost every type of torrent file. It has Movies, TV Shows, Games, Music, and whatnot. All these types of files are available as categories so you just have to tap on a particular category and start downloading the files.

Sound Park

As the name suggests SoundPark is a music torrent website. It hosts thousands of songs available for free download. The site recently got a design overhaul and now it looks awesome and very clean. All the new releases are listed on the homepage itself so it gets easier for visitors to find.

The available songs on SoundPark are categorized by Albums, Artists, Genres, and Charts. The collection is really huge as you can find most of the English songs. I tried looking for a few and almost all of us were available. Music lovers looking to download music now know where your destination should be.


Torrentz2 is an alternative to the famous torrent website torrentz. It combines results from dozens of different torrent search engines. The current index of Torrentz2 has over 31 Million active torrents from 125 Million pages on 50 different domains.

You can think of it as a Torrentz clone. The website has a search bar to search the huge database of torrents. If you were in search of a torrent aggregator site then you should look at Torrentz2.

What is a Torrent?

A torrent is a bunch of metadata for a given file that helps torrent software to locate the file on a storage computer using this data. Once the file is located by the torrents software using metadata, it starts retrieving it from storage computers. These torrent files can be documents, photos, movies, music, ebooks, applications, podcast episodes, games, etc.

The torrent file-sharing happens on a peer-to-peer (P2P) network of computers. These network computers are called “peers”, the storage handlers are called ‘seeds’ and this file transfer activity is called “seeding”. The speed of downloading the torrents depends upon the number of seeders; a large number of seeder lead to faster downloads.

How Does a Torrent Work?

Torrenting is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing process using the computer network and a BitTorrent client. All these files transfer are made possible through a BitTorrent communication protocol over the Internet. The P2P networks are capable to handle the transfer of large files compared to the one server transfer.

As I mentioned above that, a major part of the files are stored on the “seeds” and a small portion is stored on the “peers”. When a user requests a file through the BitTorrent client, a small piece of files is downloaded from computers (peers), and the majority of downloaded from storage handlers “seeds”.

How to download Torrents Online?

The torrents can be downloaded as mentioned below:

  • First, download a BitTorrent Client like qBittorrent which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. operating systems.
  • Install the software on your device and search for desired torrent file.
  • Click on the download link.
  • You’ll be prompted to open your favourite torrent client to downloading.
  • The torrent client will open on your machine
  • Now, chhose the downloading path where you want to save the file & click Ok.
  • Now, your torrent will begin to download.
  • After completion of download, you’ll get a notification.
  • The torrent file is available at your desired location.

How to Hide Your IP Address while Torrenting?

You can not hide your IP Address directly on a torrenting website however it is too simple to hide your IP using a VPN service. It is always recommended to use a torrenting VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your device while downloading torrents. A VPN will protect your IP from ISPs, site operators, hackers and, other watchdog groups and keeps privacy intact. You can go through the guide on the Best VPNs for Torrenting.

Summary – Best Torrent Sites

The best torrent sites are listed above to download and watch free torrents online. You can use desired torrent website according to your category of interest. The Pirate Bay, Torlock, Zooqle, LimeTorrents, Torlock, EZTV, RARBG, TorrentGalaxy, TorrentFunk, SkyTorrents, etc are considered the top torrenting sites in the world.

Best Torrent Sites FAQs

Are torrents legal?

Yes, torrents are legal if they are copyright-free and available within the public domain. Torrenting is not legal if you are using it to download copyrighted or licensed content without the permission of the owner.

What happens if you get caught with torrents?

If you are caught using torrents for copyright content without the permission of the owner you may face legal issues. It is always recommended to use a VPN on torrent sites and only download the content that falls within the public domain.

How can I unblock torrent sites from my location?

So many countries block torrents sites for various regions like copyright infringement. A torrent site can be unblocked using a torrenting VPN service on your device.

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