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LetMeWatchThis is very popular among Torrent Sites, but sometimes it gets down. That is why here in this article, I am going to discuss all the best LetMeWatchThis Alternatives.

What is LetMeWatchThis

Around the world, a lot of people enjoy watching movies and TV shows during their spare time. They watch their favorite movies or TV shows online especially when going to the theatre is not an option. Lots of websites can stream high-quality TV shows and movies, but few of them are up to standard. Most of the sites people come across are nothing more than malware-infected websites, and they demand your confidential and private information in a tricky way. It is good that LetMeWatchThis is not part of those websites.

Let Me Watch This does not appear to be extraordinary or unique, as it is not the same as any other streaming site. But the special thing about LetMeWatchThis.ag is that it was known as PrimeWire before. I know that you are wondering why it was split from PrimeWire. The reason is that the streaming site has access to copyright content which made PrimeWire extremely famous. So, copyright holders, including the Motion Picture Association of America were not happy with this, which resulted in splitting the site.

LetMeWatchThis History

The site was split into three different websites, namely; 1Channel, Let Me Watch This, and PrimeWire. Some people like to follow sites like LetMeWatchThis, which gives access to a large collection of movies and allows them to stream both classic movies and featured movies online. Let Me Watch This is one of the best online streaming sites which provide good relaxation time to users. LetMeWatchThis.ag has many full-length movies and TV shows which you can simply search for by using the search button. You can search based on the date of release and various genres.

Nowadays, many websites provide free content online. There are too many online streaming websites that offer TV shows and movies for free similar to LetMeWatchThis. However, many of these sites are not safe to use, and some may have been banned in your country. The fact that many websites are shutdown in 2019 talks about the consequences of running an illegal site. You should be aware that some legit sites offer all the contents free of charge, and most of them are the latest release. When we are talking about online streaming sites, LetMeWatchThis may not be the best option, so below are some of the best sites where you can stream as much content as you want for free.

Best Websites Similar to LetMeWatchThis

If any of your favorite TV shows or movies are not available on LetMeWatchThis.ag, here is a list of other sites that are similar and can match up to Let Me Watch This;


This is usually known as a web scraper. And this is as a result of Afdah having different online streaming sites. With this, you will realize that Afdah does not host any of the TV shows or movies on its site. With Afdah acting as a web scraper, you would not be disappointed in its movie collection, and you can find almost any genre you want. Examples of the genre include; history, news, sports, documentary, comedy, action, sci-fi, animation, romance, and more.


Panda-Streaming is one of the best alternative sites to LetMeWatchThis because it contains a huge amount of new movies available for streaming. Another reason is that the site gives you access to different interesting TV shows.

Each of the movies includes the ratings from previous users, and with this, you can watch any movie based on their ratings. You can find any top-rated movies watched by most people. You can also use the movie album found with each movie to get information on what to expect. 

Popcorn Time

If we are talking about popularity, Popcorn Time is the most famous out there. This site offers an app platform that people can use to watch movies. All of the TV shows or the latest movies will probably stream without any issues, but you may encounter some problems while streaming some less popular ones. Popcorn Time is connected to torrent links and allows users to download movies while streaming.

Sling TV

Perfect for people who want to stream live TV shows and movies, Sling TV is one of the best. You can access Sling TV on either your computer or your mobile phone. It is also one of the leading sites similar to LetMeWatchThis.ag, and many people visit the site every day. On this site, you have access to over 100 live TV channels.

Similarly, its archive consists of over ten thousand hours of video-on-demand content. Nonetheless, you only have access to a limited number of TV channels on Sling TV because it is based on the amount of money you pay for the subscription. But, you should have access to a few new channels at the cost of $25. 

Yify TV

This is one of the famous torrent sites among movie fans who are familiar with online streaming. It is a free online streaming app with a vast collection of TV shows and movies that can be accessed from your mobile phone. Even though it is only a mobile app and not a website, it is safe. This app also provides the option to download your favorite movie while also watching them online. You must read about Best Yify Torrents Alternatives.


FMovies is a relatively famous online streaming platform. It receives over a million traffic every month. FMovies also has a vast collection of TV series and movies including the latest movies released and the latest episode streamed. Though the original website is free and safe, there are many fake websites impersonating FMovies because of its popularity. So, it is necessary to look for the real site. You must read about Best FMovies Alternatives.


Putlocker is another alternative to LetMeWatchThis.ag that you should definitely take a look at. It is a site for the online streaming of TV shows and films. Despite all the challenges, the online platform has been able to meet its user’s expectations. PutLockers has a huge number of films and TV shows to stream. Similarly, you can find here the latest movies released, anime, cartoons or Asian drama without any problems. You must read about Best Putlocker Alternatives.


This is another unique site similar to LetMeWatchThis. Vumoo makes movies streaming interesting for its users. This website makes it easy to stream TV shows. You can simply stream the whole season of a movie without needing to exit to look for the next episode, which makes it similar to Let Me Watch This.


This site is also one of the alternatives to LetMeWatchThis.ag with high popularity and excellent service. This is an important feature when it comes to movie streaming. This website has a lot of traffic daily, which results in a regular drop-in service on the site.

Also, when we are talking about the movie’s database, you can find any movie of different genres ranging from comedy, action, horror, history, and more. You can also watch any TV shows or movies without creating an account on the website.

YouTube TV

You all know YouTube is one of the most popular online streaming sites for movie lovers and has been around for a long time satisfying the users’ thirst for the latest movie released. YouTube has apps for both Android and iOS. Recently,

YouTube has released its TV services as well as the apps in a few cities around the globe. As a result, you can now stream live channels such as CBS, Fox, ABC, NBC, and many other prime-time players. One of the most exciting features is that you can record any content by using the cloud DVR function.

Bottom Line – LetMeWatchThis

Even though we have lots of various online movie streaming platform out there and Let Me Watch This may not be the best site around. Ensure that you check all of the sites suggested above before choosing the one suitable for you. We are sure that there will certainly be a few sites similar to LetMeWatchThis.ag that you will find exciting. Certainly, Let Me Watch This is a very famous online movie streaming site and their service has been around for millions of ages and is still around providing people with TV shows, movies, and TV series to watch. But, there are better alternatives out there. 

However, frequently visiting only one online movie streaming site is not a great idea as some technical faults or a drop in the server may interrupt your streaming activities. So, you can stream and watch more TV shows and movies with any of these alternatives sites. As you are all aware that most of these sites that are similar to LetMeWatchThis.ag have some other genres that cannot be found on Let Me Watch This. So, it is a good choice to check all the sites out to satisfy your craving for a movie. We also encourage you to use a VPN service to ensure the websites run smoothly and to save your browsing history.

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