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When it comes to the search for free streaming websites for famous TV shows on the internet, there are many options available. But some of these options are not usable as they are bombarded with many pop-ups and misleading ads, whereas some sites offer a limited selection. Among one of the best websites to stream TV shows was ProjectFreeTV.

What is ProjectFreeTV?

Project Free TV is a free online video streaming site that lets users watch TV shows of various genres online. This is one of the most popular and best torrent websites that allows users to watch their favorite movies or TV shows and also gives you the option to download the content for you to watch later. People who love binge-watching TV shows or movies in their spare time for many hours straight visit Free TV Project.

Project TV doesn’t host any episodes on its servers but relies on a vast network of third-party content providers. Moreover, this website is like any other free streaming sites that support ads, but will not take responsibility for the copyright content. And because of the ample petition submitted by the copyright holders, the oldest online streaming TV show site was shutdown.

On the one hand, this means that ProjectFreeTV cannot guarantee the availability of the content. While on the other hand, the content availability is almost entirely not an issue due to several sources provided for each episode. Like any other free online streaming platform, Project Free TV is supported by ads, so users are encouraged to turn off their ad-blocking browser to enable the site to run smoothly. Of course, most people decide to leave the ad blocker turned on if they do not want to see any ads.

Why Project Free TV is not Accessible?

This Project Free TV was a trusted and very popular free online streaming platform to watch TV shows of any genre. Sadly the Project TV site has not been accessible since July 24, 2017, and this has led to a huge problem for the website users as they were unable to watch their favorite TV show episodes, the latest TV shows, and so on.

ProjectFreeTV is one of the oldest websites used to view free content and also very famous among the users. Project Free TV is also an illegal site that allows you access to movies or TV shows for free. Other big streaming sites such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and other online streaming services not only lose traffic but also a good amount of profit. This results in the cybercrime cells and lawyers fighting against the owner of the Free TV Project site, and the website was then blocked. Many of Project TV users were left dispirited with the shutdown of the ProjectFreeTV website. But still, many people are looking for sites similar to Free TV Project to watch the newest movies and series after the release.

Project Free TV Mirror Sites

Best Alternatives to Project Free TV

There are lots of websites similar to Project Free TV, and some are listed below with their official link:


This is an application with a vast number of free movies and TV shows and they are of the highest quality anywhere. You are allowed to download any episode or tv show for offline viewing. One amazing thing about this application is that you do not need to register to use it. The interface and user experience are also reasonably good, and you can get any information without encountering any bugs or other problems. Ensure that this application is not downloaded from any unsecured third-party website. Please note that downloading this application from an unknown third-party website might lead to the destruction of your computer due to lots of infected version of the application out there. Ensure that you download the app from the official website so that you will not encounter any unforeseen situation.


This is an excellent alternative to Project Free TV that is especially worth visiting if what you desire is a not so popular TV show. The site lets you create an account using your Facebook, this allows you to receive personalized content recommendations based on your likes and dislikes. 


This is not the same as the American entertainment company that gives the highest media services, 123Hulu is a free online streaming platform where you can watch TV shows and movies without any irritating advertisements. The site has any genre ranging from drama to action to comedy, whatever your desire is you will surely find it there.


This is also one of the best alternative Project TV sites, it gives an elaborate content and allows you to watch the newest TV series online free of charge and in High Definition. Most SeriesfreeTV features, design, and content are similar to Free TV Project. You can also watch anything you want from an old classic to the latest TV series released online. You can also find various categories such as Upcoming, Genre, TV shows, and Latest just like the Bmovies website. The design of SeriesfreeTV is easy to use and well-integrated. You need to register on the website before you can start streaming full episodes of your favorite TV shows. 


This online streaming platform is also entirely free, you can watch your favorite movies and TV series without registration. This site also includes filters that allow you to quickly choose the video you want from various genres like animation, biography, action, horror, comedy, etc. Besides this, you can also watch any series or movies using the release year section on the right side of the site. You can also get information like the genre of the TV shows or movies, summary, release date, and IMBD ratings by drifting on the thumbnail. This site does not have its content on its server, but a third-party provider provides the entire content.


On this online streaming platform, you can watch all the latest and top movies that have been released. Not all the latest films are available in HD quality but they always update the quality immediately a better version is released.


This is a streaming application that allows you to watch movies in High Definition. You can watch whatever you want, but there is one disadvantage to this application. This site will not allow you to download the videos from the site. It is better than most ProjectFree TV alternative websites, and it is the site you should visit if you want to watch a movie, and you have a good internet connection.


This is an alternative of Project TV, which allows you to watch TV shows or movies online for free. You can watch full-length series as all you need is to click on your desired movies, TV shows, or series; 


This is also one of the best sites similar to ProjectFreeTV, where you can watch all types of movies for free and stream them in High Definition. You are also able to download the film to watch later. The exciting part is that there are no registration pop-ups, which makes it better than most of the movie streaming websites we have ever seen, and there are more than fifteen thousand movies found on this site.


This is the last on our list. With this website, you will have the best experience you can no matter where you are on which device you are using. There are a relatively good number of movies available on the website with the right amount of TV series present. The best part is that you do not need any registration at all.


These are some of the top-rated sites similar to Free Project TV for people who like streaming movies and TV shows online at no cost. These various sites gained their popularity online based on their accomplished services. All these sites have great content and an interface, just like paid websites. You can watch the latest movies or TV shows released in Hollywood without the need to spend any amount on registration fees.

Moreover, if you are not able to access any of the listed websites, it is necessary to use a VPN connection. Some of these websites require VPN connections before you can access them. Even though Project Free TV does not have any copyrighted content on their servers, some countries classified it as illegal, which is another reason why you need a VPN service when you want to access these alternatives.

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