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Fmovies is a group of websites that lets users stream and watch movies for free. The official Fmovie site was created in 2016 in Australia but since then, the owners have gone through various legal woes due to copyright infringement on their platform.

What is FMovies?

FMovies was initially started in 2016 in Australia to host movies online illegally. The website FMovies gained popularity among popular torrents site and came in the radar of media monitoring authorities. After several efforts by Motion Picture Association of America the website taken down.

Why FMovies Website Taken Down?

Due to growing international pressure especially from entities like Motion Picture Association of America and the United States Government, the continued existence and operation of Fmovies faces a skeptical future; leaving the free movie streaming community stuck.

What happened to FMovies Main Domain URL?

The site’s main domain was shut down due to illegal activities like hosting copyrighted content with the creator’s permission. but the owners continue to operate it successfully using many of its proxy and mirror sites hosted in different countries.

Here is the FMovies Mirror and Proxy Sites


However, there are various free movie streaming sites that could be perfect alternatives to Fmovies which are discussed in this article ahead;

Best Fmovies Alternatives Websites

  • Movies Joy
  • WatchFree
  • CMovies HD
  • YesMovies
  • CineBloom
  • YoMovies
  • LookMovies
  • Bmovies
  • Moonline
  • 123 Movies
  • PopcornFlix
  • Socshare Movies
  • SolarMovie

Movies Joy

Movies Joy is a free movie streaming site with lots of great content to watch for your entertainment. It constantly uploads and hosts new movies showing in the theater. The site has a variety of movie genres like action, adventure, romance, thriller and many more.

Users can search for movies from a particular country. The site’s search bar is located just at the top section and visible enough for the users. Despite the website being simple and easy to use, its drawbacks are related to unwarranted ads pop-ups that could infuriate users.

Of course, the owners want to earn money from these ads but they need to strategically embed them onto the site without having to upset the site users.  But the fact that it offers free movie streaming services, it could be a great alternative to platforms like Fmovies that offer similar services.


Watchfree is a site with a really welcoming interface. By just browsing and opening it, you get to feel the true movie streaming environment worthy of your time. The site’s layout is relatively minimalistic and contains hundreds if not thousands of free movie catalogs.

Users are able to browse through to find the most popular movies and the latest movies. Most of the movies provided on this site are in high-resolution quality which is categorized in different genres like action, series, romance, adventure, and many more.

However, as the usual culture of most free movie streaming sites, WatchFree has a bunch of ads pops on almost any-click anywhere on the site. Some of the ads posted contain nudity which most people may find uncomfortable for their own consumption. But for others who don’t find nudity as discomforting, WatchFree could be one of the best free movie streaming sites and a great alternative to Fmovies

CMovies HD

This is one of the free movies streaming alternative sites for Fmovies. The site’s top section contains a slider that showcases some of the movies available to watch. The movies contained on this website are categorized in different genres; which include actions, romance, adventure, thriller, and many more.

The movies are also categorized by countries that give a user the option of searching for the suitable content he or she would want to watch.  CMovies site doesn’t have a minimalist outlook and it is so congested with lots of on-site ads and on-click pop-ups. 


On browsing to Yesmovies site, you’ll be welcomed with a minimalist homepage with a visibly long search bar. In fact, the homepage is so clean that it entices the user to continue exploring the site. There are hundreds of movie catalogs that a user can choose to watch or download.

The movies are categorized in different genres like actions, romance, thriller, adventure, crime, and more. Movies are also categorized based on the countries of origin. From American movies and tv series to Korean tv dramas, users have a variety to watch based on their tastes and preferences.

Although the homepage is so clean, the movie page is actually too much congested which creates confusion to the user. The site has ad-pops and too many onsite ads which makes it uglier 


CineBloom is a minimalist site with a simple user interface to browse through. The site contains a good number of movies and tv series categorized in the genres of action, romance, thriller, and many more. The site constantly updates the latest Movies and TV shows showing in the theater.

The website originates from Iceland though it contains lots of movies from various countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Korea, and more.  Users are able to stream and download movies for free.  One interesting feature about this site is that it has relatively limited pop-up adds 


This is another great alternative to Fmovies for people who love to watch free movies online. The site has a minimalist outlook and it is easier to browse through for the users.  On this site, movies can browse for movies using the alphabetic feature provided on the site. Unlike other free movie streaming sites, the YoMovie site allows users to watch adult movies for people with 18+ years of age.

Furthermore, Movies from different countries are uploaded on this site. The rating feature is also available using the IMBb’s rating API. Users can also browse for and stream movies from various countries. Movies from Hollywood and Bollywood are available to watch for free on this site. 


This site has a minimalist outlook and provides a perfect alternative to the Fmovie website. Users can watch various movies organized in the categories of action, romance, mystery, thriller, and more. The website constantly uploads the latest movies and tv series from various countries.

Most of the movies are in high-resolution quality and users are able to stream or download these movies without signing up or registering. The drawback on this site is the fact that pop-ups happen on every click everywhere on the site; something that is really frustrating for users.

If you’re a fan of watching Bollywood movies from India, then this site is a perfect match for you. You will be able to watch movies acted by some of India’s best stars like Salman Khan, Amir khan, Shahrukh Khan and many more. Most Indian movies are known for their orderly and entertaining music choreography and this site will let you watch these types of movies for free without having to register or sign up.

This site let allows searching for your favorite movies based on the years of release, actors or actresses.  One great advantage of this site is its clean interface without pop-up ads that could annoy users when they visit it. Hindlinks4u could be a great alternative to Fmovie site especially for people who would love to stream free Indian or Bollywood movies. 


When you looking for a clean website to stream or watch free movies online, then Bmovies is the perfect site for you. This site has a welcoming homepage free from ad pop-ups. On its homepage, users can browse through and find any movie or tv series they could be interested in.

The darkish background interface of the site gives the user an eye-friendly night mode viewing. Many movies from various countries the United States, Korea, China, and Taiwan are found on this site. The movies are also categorized in various genres, most notably action, romance, crime, thriller, adventure and many more.

The movies are also rated based on the IMDb rating feature. When users access this site, they don’t have to sign up or register in order to watch of download movies. 


This is another best torrent site for free movie streaming and a perfect alternative to the Fmovie site. The site has lots of movies to watch and many of them are in high-resolution quality. Users can browse for movies using an alphabetic filtering feature located at the top section of the site.

Furthermore, the site has a movie rating feature based on the international movie database API rating functionality. Top-rated movies feature on the site. Movies could be sorted in various genre categories like action, romance, adventure, comedy, drama, biography, and more.

Users are also able to find movies based on years of release. Although the site doesn’t look much great, it is still a good alternative for people who love and enjoy to watch free movies 

Yify TV

YIFY allows you to watch a wide selection of movies in high definition quality without registration or signing up. It offers a user an opportunity to select from the various movies found on the platform. It has a few ads and pop-ups but they usually bother you when you click on them.

Read about Yify Torrents

The site provides some details about the movies and users are able to learn about movie information like directors and actors. The IMDb rating feature is also available on the site. One drawback of this site is that it is not a welcoming website. The design layout of this site is kind of boring which can frustrate the users not to revisit it again  

123 Movies

123 Movies is a popular website where users are able to stream and watch movies for free. The site has a massive library of free movies and TV series to watch.

Brand new movies and trending TV series are constantly uploaded for viewers to watch and download. On this website, you will find almost any movie or tv series that suits your preferences. To access the contents or stream movies on this website, there is no need for signing up or registering to create an account. It is a pretty straight forward site, smooth to scroll through with no hustle to find the movies you want. 

However, just like other free movie streaming sites, 123 Movies could be annoying with pop-up ads. Additionally, the site keeps changing its domain names in a move to avoid shut down because of copyright infringement issues.


Popcornflix is a clean and minimalist looking site with a user-friendly and attractive interface. The site has a slider that showcases some of the movies to watch and even download. It has an organized interface with each movie genre placed in its own section category.  These sections have the slider feature which enables the user to scroll through without difficulties.

Some of the movie genres found on popcornflix include horrors, action, comedy, drama, thriller, romance, urban, TV series, and many more. The site owners recommend handpicked movies or tv series to users.

Another interesting fact about the Popcornflix site is that it offers a synopsis, a short-summarized story of the movie or tv show.  The site also has an eye-friendly look with a gray background color good for online streaming 

Socshare Movies

Socshare Movies have thousands of free movies and TV series of any kind. This site one the most popular site in the free movie streaming community. Socshare has a rich catalog of thousands of movies and TV series. New movies or TV shows are always added and updated on a frequent basis.

The movies on Socshare sites are in the resolutions of 480p to 720p. Users also can browse for movies/ tv series based on genres that range from comedy to action. Due to copyright infringement issues, Socshare has often switched domains on regular occasions. However, many of its domains have always been shut down by DMCA.

Google search also de-ranks Socshare sites and doesn’t index them as priority search results.  If you’re a fan of watching free movies, Socshare is one the best alternative to Fmovies as it has a diverse pool of media contents from American action genres to Korean tv drama. 


SolarMovie is one of the cleanest websites in the free movie streaming community. One of the best things about SolarMovie is that there are no ad pop-ups which are really annoying to users when you visit the site.

SolarMovie offer free movies in different resolutions from SD Quality to HD quality, tagged on each movie thumbnail. Furthermore, the site also lists movies based on ratings, giving the user an opportunity to make quick decision about the best movie to watch.

Users can also download any movies they want without limitation or restriction. If you really looking for one of the best free movie streaming sites alternative to Fmovie, then Solarmovie is your place to go because it is clean, easy to browse, and very organized with a rich library of movies to watch.

Bottom Line – Fmovies Alternatives

As we all know that Fmovies or Fmovie site is quite popular to watch free movies online. And considered one of the best choices among popular torrent sites. I’ve listed here in this article all working Fmovies Mirror & Proxy site links along with suitable alternatives.

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