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Are you a Cartoon Lover and finding an Alternative to the Kiss Cartoon Website? Here, I’ve listed all the best KissCartoon Alternatives to watch free cartoons online.

One of the things that bring most people together, no matter their age, is their love for cartoons. As a kid, we spend a lot of time watching different cartoons on television, and then as we grow up we dive into more sophisticated cartoons. No matter your age or preference there is a cartoon just for you.

There are many websites where you can view various cartoons on the internet. But, not all are free or safe (as you may encounter some problems while streaming). With advancements in digital trends, we can find these shows on some online platforms such as Kisscartoon.

What is Kisscartoon?

As the name suggests, Kisscartoon website is an online streaming platform that is created for viewing cartoons.

It is a website where you can see anime and cartoons for free. You can watch cartoons and anime without the need to have an account on Kisscartoon websites. The cartoon series is always categorized and updated for the users. Like most of the streaming websites, Kisscartoons does not host content on their servers.

Most users think of Kisscartoon as a considerable phone book where you can access various cartoons provided by third-party content providers. But much to users dismay the site was closed down in 2017 and since users have been struggling to find the perfect Kisscartoon websites alternative. 

Kisscartoon had over five thousand cartoons, including; The Flinstones, King of the Hill, Family Guy, The Looney Tunes Show, X-men, Scooby-Doo, Justice League, Gravity Falls, Batman, and others.

Kisscartoon websites ads could be controlled by turning on an adblocking software when visiting. But it needs to be turned off later to allow Kiss Cartoon to run smoothly.

How to download videos from Kisscartoon ?

You can download videos from Kisscartoon in simple steps mentioned below:

  • First, open your desired Cartoon video on Kisscartoon
  • Now, watch it to confirm whether it is a real video or a spam link
  • If, it is a real video that you want to download then copy the link from the address bar
  • Now after copying the link just open your favorite HD video downloader
  • Here, on video download paste the copied link
  • Now, click the button to download the video from Kisscartoon
  • The video will be downloaded to your download folder by default

Why Kisscartoon website is down?

Kisscartoon site is one of most popular website to among anime and cartoon lover. The Kisscartoon website hosts the cartoon and anime TV show and movies with owing the copyright of those contents. Hence, the site was doing a illegal business according to Copyright Laws. The Kisscartoon website was taken down by the authorities for voiding the copyright laws.

Kisscartoon Proxy and Mirror sites

Here are the working Kisscartoons Proxy and Mirror sites:


NOTE: Watching cartoons or anime online for free may not or may be illegal.

Best KissCartoon Alternatives

Below are some best Kisscartoon alternatives:


This is a similar site to Kisscartoon; it has great user experience and an excellent interface. Kids can efficiently operate WatchCartoonOnline as it has a navigation bar where you can view various categories such as Cartoons, Subbed Anime, Dubbed Anime, and so on.

It is suitable for kids due to the presence of kids-friendly ads on the website. WatchCartoonOnline has an extensive list of different anime and cartoons. And that makes it to on the first position in the list of Best KissCartoon Alternatives.


KissAnime is the best free anime series streaming platform you can find online. This website is favored compared to other Kiss Cartoon alternatives. About twenty-five million people visit this website per month. Most of the traffic comes from the United Kingdom and the United States.

Most old and new anime can be found here as it is generally built for Anime fans, and some cartoon series can also be found there. KissAnime also uses ads to support their site. However, there is another alternative where you buy a premium plan. After buying the premium plan you will not see any ad anytime you visit the site.

The user experience is also good, but you might not be able to operate the website very well for the first time. You can search for cartoons or anime titles that are not present in their library.

Read here to know KissAnime Alternatives.

Anime Toon

Anime Toon is one of the best alternatives to Kisscartoons and it is worth taking a look at when searching for websites that are very similar to Kisscartoon.

The interface of Anime Toon is easy to operate and understand. Children can enjoy and move around the site quickly when searching for cartoons or animes that they find interesting. Anime Toon has a large number of cartoons or animes (either subbed or dubbed), pictures and so on that are classified in various categories and subcategories. Anime Toon has about three million traffic every month.


Crunchyroll is the most popular cartoon streaming website after Kiss Cartoon. It is an American based site that provides excellent and authentic content with links for you to download or stream any anime, cartoon, or anything you want without any disturbance.

One of Crunchyroll’s best unique qualities is that their streaming service is the best among any other sites similar to Kisscartoon websites out there. The site has many features, such as uninterrupted streaming service and freemium subscriptions. The website also contains a large number of Manga options that you may find interesting. 

Cartoon Crazy

This is another excellent website you can visit when searching for websites similar to Kisscartoons. You can visit Cartoon crazy to look for English dubbed anime or cartoons. It has an extensive library that contains all kinds of cartoons and anime including those you have never heard of.

This website is one of the few trending websites in countries like the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, etc. The website has about twelve million cartoon lovers that visit the site every month.

Cartoon Network

The cartoon network has been around for a long time during almost everybody’s childhood. Cartoon Network is one of the foremost well-liked websites for cartoon fans throughout the whole world. This site allows you to access a large number of cartoon series from the internet and television, which has real content and also old-time cartoons you miss.

Cartoon Network is a website that can be operated by kids and is an excellent choice among websites similar to Kisscartoon for the children to watch favorite cartoons.

Kim Cartoon

Kim Cartoon is one of the first online cartoon streaming sites. The Kim Cartoon is known for its well-executed style and for the number of cartoons, which range from classics like “Tom and Boche Show” to cartoons that are released in the past few days. 


This is one of the best online platforms for anime fans, they have many cartoons and anime titles. You can get clear navigation to where you will find the direct link of Movies, Anime, Cartoons, and so on in the header of the site.

The site has an excellent user experience; everyone who uses the internet can operate it efficiently. You can also search for your favorite cartoon or anime here, and you can download any anime or cartoon listed on the website. AnimeRhino is very popular in the United States, and the traffic of the site is about one million per month.


Toonova is an excellent platform to stream different kinds of cartoons and fits among the best KissCartoon Alternatives. This website is mainly for movies and cartoons, not for anime.

The homepage is not different from any other website so you can access various cartoons in different categories such as drama, comedy, and animation. Toonova has about 1.5 million cartoon lovers visiting the site monthly, and most of the traffic comes from the UK and the US.


This has been around for a long time. It is famous for producing awesome shows for kids, which embodies cartoons that assist kids in learning. It allows them to get educated in an amusing way. One of the reasons why Nickelodeon is listed as one of the alternatives of Kisscartoons is the design of the website, which is playful, colorful, and cheerful. It has an extensive collection of High Definition original cartoons, shows, and series present on the site.

Where I can watch Cartoons online?

If you are a cartoon lover and want to watch cartoons online then you use online cartoon websites like Kisscartoon. These sites to watch cartoons online are free but illegal because they host the copyrighted content without the permission of the copyright owners. So, using these sites is also illegal. But you can use a VPN service to hide your identity. Also, it is recommended to use an Ad Blocker to hide ads on such websites.

Does Kisscartoon website safe?

Yes, the Kisscartoon website is safe but they generate revenue through display and content advertising. So, these advertising to third party websites can take you to a malicious website that can harm your device. So, as I mentioned above use a VPN Service and AdBlocker to protect your identity and device.


There are many similar websites to Kisscartoon apart from the ones listed above. These websites accommodate cartoon lovers of different ages, and they work more smoothly with the presence of a secure VPN service. This VPN is a virtual private network service that helps keep your online activity unknown so that you can visit any website on the web without anybody knowing about it. A VPN service is compulsory for all cartoon lovers who do online streaming and don’t want to be sued for watching a copyrighted cartoon or anime without paying.

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