Best Sites to Watch TV Shows Online Free

Heya folks! Tired of sitting at home and getting bored? And you are out of money to spend on yourself but still want to have fun and enjoy your holidays. Don’t worry. I have compiled a great list of Best Sites to Watch TV Shows Online where you can watch unlimited free content to watch all your favorite shows and movies and that too for free.

Isn’t it amazing?

So what are you waiting for, be ready for entertainment? Grab your laptop or mobile or cast on your tv.. Become a couch potato..and get some popcorn and stuff to munch on with our Best Sites to Watch TV Shows Online Free.

Hold on your breath and keep scrolling. We have got you hooked.

Best Sites to Watch TV Shows Online Free

The best free websites to watch TV shows online are:

  1. Vumoo
  2. Soap2day
  3. LookMovie
  4. Tubi
  5. Popcornflix
  6. InternetArchive
  7. Retravision
  8. IOMovies
  9. Snagfilms
  10. Primewire
  11. Moviegaga
  12. CWTv
  13. Vexmovies
  14. ProjectFreeTv
  17. Topdocumentryfilms
  18. IWatchonline
  19. Subsmovies
  20. Fmovies
  21. Uwatchfree
  22. 1234movies
  23. Yidio


What a great site. Browse on your mobile phone or laptop. This website offers some great shows and movies. Whatever may be your genre, it has got it all covered.

Here there are no categories defined but just two sections Movies and Tv shows. All your shows are just a click away. Click on your favorite or just scroll till you find something that’s worth your time and check out the director, star cast, IMDb rating, and summary of show or movie.

This site is great as no add pop up to irritate you, and no signup needed. So what are you waiting for for.. Just dive in..


Why wait to come home and watch your favorites when you can just watch on the go. This is another amazing site that has an enormous collection of movies and series. It also has animated series and movies for your little ones and for yourself if you enjoy watching them. It also hosts sports as well.

The website has unlimited free streaming but contains few advertisements to maintain their revenue. If you have little patience to handle the ads, then this is a great site to watch.

It has various domains to choose from for seamless access and convenience. May it be a new show or old they have the majority of them in their database. So just pick something and have fun!

Some of the most popular shows like FRIENDS, FAMILY MAN, 13 REASONS WHY, GREY’S ANATOMY, THE BIG BANG THEORY..and so on. You will find everything and that too all seasons. What are you waiting for?


The website’s interface is great with the well-defined division to pick your favorite genre from. You need to have some patience while finding your favs as the website keeps on redirecting to malicious sites or promotional content pages.

Download some good VPN to protect your system, mobile, or laptop, and then you are set to go. Some ads may pop up, and when you click, it will ask to become a member or continue to watch with ads.

Depending on your interest, you can select and enjoy. All the content is not free to watch, but you will find plenty of free TV Shows to watch online on Site.


It’s a great platform to watch unlimited high-quality shows and movies. It has a huge collection and so many categories to choose from. With the list of director-star cast and ratings, you get to read the summary as well. The layout is very easy to browse, and seamless user experience is ensured.

They have got something for everybody, from romcom to horror to anime, and they have everything. You can download it’s an app as well for viewing on the phone.


If you are a huge fan of movies and shows and not just want to watch well-known shows but want to find new quality-driven shows or movies which are original. This will be your one-stop.

This site was made to stream everything free for the lovers. High quality original as well as world-famous stories are present here with the amazing user interface. No signup, no hidden details, everything just open and freely available. Let’s surf.


This is the biggest online depository of books, movies, journals, videos, music, and documents. It hosts exquisite compilation from the 1900s under various categories. It is a community website where users donate and share content.

Here you can find silent films, feature films, sci-fi, horror and documentary film. It also has a “Tv Archive” section where since 2009, the videos can be found. Its main purpose is to provide fact-checking for research and education.

Do check the website and find some out of the box content to quest your thirst of curiosity. The content simply here is amazing!


If you are a fan of classic shows and movies, this is it. It is free to watch movies and shows dating back to the 1950s or something, and in different genres, you will find something great to watch.


This is another gem that I found after being declined access and redirected so many times!

It also has plenty of collection of shows and movies which can be watched for free without any subscription and redirection. Subtitles are also available for various shows. So what are you waiting for for..go and watch them today?


This is an amazing website that has over 2000 movies, tv shows, documentaries, and comedy shows for each and every one. The content is independent and original. It can be watched for free and through its app as well. Download the free app and start watching wherever you are.


This website has a plethora of entertainment available. Whatever you might think of watching, you will find it here. From vampire diaries to how I met your mother. From ‘the invisible man’ to ‘blood,’ you will find everything here. Just login and start watching for free. All the seasons in whatever quality you like, you can watch it here.


This is another amazing site whose previous name was movie ninja. Due to various reasons, the names and domain name keeps on changing to bypass the license system. But you don’t have to worry about it. Just scroll and find your favorites and start watching. Happy watching!


It is not accessible from every country. But still, the site offers free movies and tv shows that have ever been aired on this channel to provide viewers access to watch them without subscription for free. You can also download its app and watch it. But before that, please check your region or country accessibility.


This is also a great website to watch for free. Here they have a huge number of movies present and in various genres. It is a legal site, and you can also request a particular movie you want to watch, and they will respond to you.


This website offers daily aired shows and updates them regularly to keep their users hooked to their site. It’s totally free and spread the word because you won’t find another kind of such site. You don’t have to wait for long before the series finishes, and you watch it really quickly that too for free. What more can one ask for!

For all the cartoon lovers, I have found a treasure for you all. All the cartoons are available here for free. You can never be so old to watch your favorites and relive your childhood.

Hop on your couch or don’t. Just don’t skip through this site and do watch some great cartoons of your time and lighten your mood and be stress-free.

Still looking for something good to watch and still didn’t find where to watch. Stop now. Here you will find everything you haven’t found till now. Hold on your breath and have little patience as it’s not ad-free. But you won’t be redirected. Just keep the ads off, and you can enjoy your free streaming.


For those who don’t like to watch normal shows and movies and are always looking for some informative and real content to seek some insights and increase their knowledge, this is a hub. Hub to watch some great documentaries of all times and as well as highest-rated. So don’t just scroll.go and watch some exciting documentaries and showoff.


This is again a good site to watch from. Although it’s not accessible in India, if you are from the US or UK, you can watch some great content unlimited for free. It’s simple and easy to use.

You can find whatever you are looking for in its search catalog. If you don’t have anything in mind and just exploring, you won’t be able to come out as the high rated, highly reviewed section pops up, and reading the summary and watching the trailer will get you hooked.


If you have trouble understanding the English accent but like to watch Hollywood movies and shows, then this is your go-to site. Here all the great shows can be watched in almost every major language. So language will no more be a barrier. And you can still all the shows you have heard of.


This is another great site offering some great movies and shows to watch from. The layout is simple, and you can find recent releases to some old stuff. The database is huge, and all the content is in high definition.

So just don’t see through rather watch now. Because such a seamless user experience is hard to find.


Here you can find Hollywood as well as some regional content. The database is huge, and the interface is captivating. You won’t have any trouble finding great content.

Watch “fantasy island,” ” Emma,” “the photograph,” and many more. The list is so huge that I don’t know where else will you find such a great collection.


Watch for free some all-time famous and trending shows like “Game of Thrones” in had for free. Movies like “frozen 2″, ” Maleficient,” “Vikings,” “Mulan,” ” zombie and” and many more. I personally loved the site.

It offers some amazing collection with no ads, no pop-ups, and no redirection. It also didn’t ask to create an account and fill card details. Just simply click and ready to watch. My friends and I totally love this website, and we have watched so many movies and shows on it. So, I would suggest you watch it here only.


Tired of the ads and redirection? Hold on to your breath, and this will just blow your mind away.

While looking to watch something good, I got my phone hanged and blocked because of the malicious content and pop-ups. I just hate them. And I am sure you all must also hate them. So, this is a good place to watch some ad-free and without pop-ups and free had streaming of videos where only entertainment will be guaranteed and nothing else. Watch “Chicago fire,” ” the bachelor,” “flash,” ” the fire,” “legacies,” and many more.

The landing page offers some great shows so that you don’t have to search for more. But if you have something specific just search it and you are good to watch.

Okay okay. I won’t just stop here. Without mentioning some of the most famous sites, the list will be incomplete, I guess.

  • Netflix
  • Amazon prime
  • YouTube
  • Crackle

These sites are just super-rich in their content and ease for accessibility. But you need to have a subscription to watch here. But even before that, just sign up for the trial period and finish off some great shows which you have difficulty in finding anywhere else! Or you can just borrow your friend’s login credentials and enjoy seamless video streaming.

Summary – Best Sites to Watch TV Shows Online

The list provided above will not disappoint you, and they are my personal favorites, and I have listed them with care so that you don’t have to go anywhere else to search for the list. Save your time in finding the right site to watch and spend more time in watching. The list of Sites to Watch TV Shows Online is really huge but it worth time to go through.

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