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Best Photo Scanner Apps for Android & iPhone in 2024

Best Photo Scanning Apps – In this digital era, where everything is going digital, I wonder how can photos be left out? Every time we clean the house, we come across the old albums where all our sweet and sour memories live. Going through these albums is so nostalgic that sometimes we don’t even realize, but we have tears in our eyes. But albums are difficult to maintain, and photos get deteriorated and worn out. And we all know that clicking photos by a phone camera isn’t a very great option as the quality is not nice and the feel of the photo is lost. To save our precious memories, these best photo scanner apps do wonders. These apps to scan photos come very handily as you save lots of money and so easy to use.

Best Photo Scanner Apps for Android and iPhone

Here I am going to list all the amazing photo scanner apps, Android photo scan apps, which you can download and use freely. Relive your memories and share them on your social media to let the world know about it!

So, what are things that you are going to look for while you download the photo scanning apps? For me, a great app will be the one that has good optical character resolution(OCR), sharing options, formats of storage, edit features available, filters that can be used, autocorrection, and everything that normal photos apps have.

Here is the list of best photo scanner apps for Android and iPhone:

  1. Google Photo Scan
  2. Cam Scanner
  3. Photo Scanner for Me
  4. Photomyne
  5. Pic Scanner
  6. Camera Scanner / Image Scanner
  7. Photo Scanner
  8. Photo Scanner by Gaba Studio
  9. Photo Scan & Photo Editor by Quisquee
  10. Old Photo Scanner by Zara Designs
  11. Memories
  12. Pic Scanner Gold
  13. Scanner

1. Google Photo Scan – Android/iPhone

Google launched this app to trust me. It’s the perfect app to digitize your album photos. Google Photo Scan is very easy to use, & you get the google photos cloud storage. It’s a photo scanner app that doesn’t take photos but scans the photo.

It has a great edge detection algorithm, and so all your images are cropped and rotated nicely. It’s glare-free, and with it’s enhanced perspective correction, we get straight and rectangular images. It is available on Android as well as iPhone.

Google has really made it so easy to capture our memories and share them with our loved ones. The hassle of clicking pictures from pictures and then editing it is done away with. Download it now and enjoy watching your memories in digital format. It is the best android photo scanner app.

2. Cam Scanner

It’s such an amazing app that works like a portable scanner and lets you scan everything. It lets you scan just not the black and white images and documents, but you can change the gray-scale of it.

You can save the scanned images into Pdf or jpeg format. It allows easy share options. It is simple to use and hassle-free and completely free to use.

3. Photo Scanner for Me – iPhone

Another great app to scan your favorite memories and convert your faded albums into digital format and share them seamlessly or store them on your hard disk.

Various editing tools are available for cropping, rotation, and adjusting the brightness and contrast. It can recognize multiple photos in one click and scan them easily.

4. Photomyne – Android/iPhone

Scanning images have never been this easy and reliable. With a single shot, capture as many photos as you want, and you can also create albums and do so much more with this.

It automatically detects the boundaries of images and stores them separately. With it’s cutting edge AI technology, you can geotag the images, add a story, apply amazing filters, and edit as you want.

You can share the images through emails, WhatsApp, or as you want. Sign up to their account and enjoy cloud storage. You need to make some in-app purchases for using some features.

5. Pic Scanner – iPhone

This app is not completely free and allows you to capture four photos at a time. It has great photo editing options and lets you retain the original essence of the pictures by enhancing the dull images of albums and reviving them.

The scanned images can be stored in any format and can be stored in its cloud after making in-app purchases.

6. Camera Scanner / Image Scanner – By Account studios

This app allows fast scanning of your documents and images; it lets you store them in pdf format or jpeg. The quality of the scanned image is high, and it autocorrects the image.

The app is not totally free, but in-app purchases have to be made for additional features. It transforms your camera into a scanner and lets you scan and digitize your documents and images.

7. Photo Scanner – iPhone

Want to scan old photos and don’t want to lose the original aesthetics. This app is a solution to this. All your faded images can be restored by its amazing auto-detection features. It revives the faded colors and restores the colors of the original image.

8. Photo Scanner by Gaba Studio – Android 

Do you need to scan your images really fast, safely, and quickly? This app will be your one-stop. It allows you to scan your documents and images into PDF and jpeg format. It converts your phone camera into a portable scanner.

Photo Scanner by Gaba Studio lets you scan documents, images, drawings, and receipts. In addition to this, you can scan barcodes and QR codes, and it’s completely free.

9. Photo Scan & Photo Editor by Quisquee – Android 

It is one great app where reliability meets simplicity. It’s loaded with some amazing filters, grand, stickers, and editing tools. You just don’t get to scan your photos, but simultaneously you can edit them within the app.

It lets you view images as you view in the phone’s gallery. It also has a feature for slide view, and you can share your pictures easily. Its main priority is to provide a rich user experience. It is not completely free, and you need to pay Rs 60 for some of the in-app purchases.

10. Old Photo Scanner by Zara Designs – Android

Do you want to digitize a complete album in the quickest time possible? Download this amazing app and click all the images and scan them with this. It allows you to add event time and date and lets you organize it in different albums and events.

This photo scanner app auto-corrects the images, and edit the images to give rich scanned output. It allows easy sharing options, and it is completely free.

11. Memories – iPhone

This app has a built-in guide to allow you to capture the images in the best way possible so that you get amazing scanned images.

As the name suggests, this is a perfect image to create your memories in digital format and let you access it anytime, anywhere. It has some amazing photo editing features which can bring life to your old photos, and you will just simply love it.

12. Pic Scanner Gold – iPhone

This app lets you quickly scan your piles of old photos and digitize them properly by auto-correct it. It crops, rotates and straightens the image. It also adds colors to your image and has some nice filters available.

This photo scanner has a Bluetooth connection available so that you can remotely scan and correct the images. It’s free to use and offers some great features. It is powered with 19 image enhancement tools from Adobe with the help of which you can straighten, brighten, and enhance the contrast quality of the image.

13. UScanner – Android

This is a great photo scanner app that allows you to take snapshots from presentations, documents, or analog images, documents, and papers. It allows us to paper-free and organizes our desk in a better way.

This photo scanning is a great tool for lecturers and students to not be busy in making notes from Ppts and just focus on studying. It also enables us to scan our old images and digitize them. It’s so convenient to use. All our old albums can be converted and shared via different platforms that can be stored in the cloud storage or systems or phone storage.

It automatically deskews images and rotates it giving it a nice perspective view. We can also draw annotations and highlight texts on the images. We can store images in single or multiple pages of pdf and share them as we want to. Its UI is very nice and user-friendly and provides a rich user experience. It is built to be used as an everyday tool and your everyday companion.


Scanning has never been an easier job, and it was a costly affair. But thanks to these amazing technologies, it is made so simple. These are some of the best photo scanner apps available. Now, none of the albums get ruined, no images get worn-out and faded. Everyone has amazing camera quality phones nowadays, and this makes scanning richer as the quality of output increases to another level.

What are you waiting for? Grab your albums and your phone, download some of these amazing photo scanning apps, and you are ready to share your most loved memories with everyone, or you can just keep them safe on your drive. Memories are made to be kept safely in our hearts, and if they can be accessed every now and then, what more can we desire for? Happy scanning! Happy reviving! ..!

Photo Scanning Apps – FAQs

What is the best photo scanning app?

Google Photo Scan, Cam Scanner, and Photo Scanner for Me are the top photo scanner apps. You can find more photo scanning apps in the post above.

What is the best photo scanning apps for iPhone?

The best photo scanning apps for iPhone are mentioned in the post above. You need to download these photo scanner apps on your iPhone to digitalize your photos.

What is the best photo scanner apps for Android?

The best photo scanning apps for Android phones are mentioned in the post above. You need to download these photo scanner apps on your Android to digitalize your photos.

Do I need to pay for photo scanner apps?

No! You don’t need to pay for using these apps for photo scanning. But some apps are charging some fees for specialized services like cloud storage and filters.

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