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Android 11 – Features, Updates & Release Date

Android 10 has been in the market for a couple of months nows since its launch in September 2019, available on a restrained number of devices, nonetheless, the Android 11 will be released a few months from now. As Google, operators, and brand manufacturers are still trying to stay in track with the release of Android 10, people out there are already starting to speculate on the latest updates of Android 11.

Android 11

Android 11 Release Date

Android 11 Release Date may be the 3rd June 2024, during the Beta Release Event by Google.

The first beta version of Android 11 will be released around spring this year hence people still have ample time to familiarize themselves with the Android 10 version. It will be most effective in the google android office where the new operating devices will be shown. Google is licensed to take part in launching the increasing numbers of the beta version till September when the last firm will be officialized.

Apart from the Google Pixel smartphones, other selected devices will also be part of testing the beta version application to ensure the latest model is well enhanced.

Android 11 Updates


Google has already launched the newest version DEVELOPER PREVIEW of Android that is Android 11, having new features that were absent in the earlier versions. It is in the developing mode, and the newest developer preview three has been launched on 23rd April 2024, where the first preview was launched in February. With this launch, it will become the 11th major release, and of the mobile operating system, it is the 18th version.

To use the newest features, it is important to update the newest version and integrate with the latest software model so that you may distinguish between the old and new features and know the new changes.

The new Android 11 updates and the developer preview version have been launched because Google plans to introduce many changes that will have a direct impact on the apps. With these launches, the developers will have sufficient time in hand to make their apps compatible with the new version of the Android operating system whenever it launches. Further, Google made it developer-centric. 

Every new update comes in the wake of the newest development going in the world of mobiles and smartphones. The latest development is going in the field of foldable mobile phones and 5G network calibration. Android 11 will have enhanced features, and it will support the functionalities of foldable smartphones and 5G connectivity.

Android 11 Leaked Features

Android 11 will have new features that are not available in the Android 10.  You may need to integrate to the very latest model of the software to be able to differentiate and know the new branded features in the Android 11 version. In the current months, we are at, there are ways that can enable us concept earlier than the Google’s new Android update.

Let us take a sneak peek to what all features Android 11 has to offer to us: 

User-Centric Features

  • Behavior changes in the app: Due to the new update, the apps will start to behave differently, no matter what is your “target SDK version.” To have apps working properly, please check the compatibility of the app and modify them accordingly to have a seamless and trouble-free behavior of the apps. With every new update, the compatibility of apps with the operating systems changes, and so bugs beef to be fixed. Therefore, the developer of apps should keep in mind the latest innovation and updations going on in the operating system so that their app doesn’t become obsolete, and they don’t have to lose their market share due to poor feedback by users.
  • Native screen recording: Google has been trying to have an inbuilt screen recorder for its androids. And now, this seems to be true as DP1 has this feature, and in the later updates, it has been modified. With this feature, the users can record everything on their screens efficiently.
  • Security: With the new android version, there will be enhanced security guards. There will be various permissions that the apps have to provide so that the privacy of the user is not at a loss, and all their data is safe.
  • Get rig of popped up notifications during playing videos: It was so troublesome to every time clear the notifications while watching our favorite shows and series. Thank God Google took into consideration, and now with Android 11, there won’t be notification bugs while watching any videos.
  • Pinning apps: Google has made it a point to enhance user experience with every one of its new launches. Now you can easily pin your favorite apps on your share screen or home screen for quicker access and to share with friends.
  • Enhancing the sensitivity of screen: It has been felt earlier that after putting on screen guards and protection screens, it became difficult to operate phones due to reduced sensitivity. With the new android launch now, even after protecting your scree still, you will have a sensitive touch screen. 
  • Open your eyes to unlock your phone: With the face unlock option, all of my friends used to snatch my phone and bring to my face to unlock it! But this won’t happen now as the new android version in Pixel 4 phones will unlock your phone only when you open your eyes. 
  • All new motion sense features: People always used to complain that Google doesn’t pay attention to the motion sensor. But with this new release, Google decided to leave no stones unturned, and so Pixel 4 will have an enhanced motion sense wherein you can use some of the features of the phone without actually touching your smartphone using some hand gestures or motion sensors.
  • Put your phone on airplane mode but can listen to your music: Earlier, whenever one puts on the phone on airplane mode, he would not be able to use his headphones via blue tooth as the connection got to disconnect. But in the new android 11, you can have your Bluetooth mode on while your phone is on airplane mode. So music can be on with no disturbance!
  • Hate those app permissions which don’t go away? Have you also faced trouble with the apps wherein the persistent notifications and permissions of the app don’t go away? With the new android 11, Google made it a point not to have you any troubles and let you have enhanced user experience.
  • Revoke app.permissions if you no more use an app: If you stop using a particular app, but the app has your permissions to access your location, camera, photos, contacts, etc. then no need to worry now, you can revoke these permissions if you no more use a particular app or you rarely use them. This feature surely will ease the privacy concerns as your data will be safe now.
  • Notification history: In all the earlier versions, once the notification is cleared, we can’t check our notification history, and sometimes it is important to have a log. So, now, you can have this feature and be relaxed.
  • The back tab gets a new tweak: Do you also find it troublesome to use your back button as in all the earlier phones, only one sidebar was available. With the new version, we will have two back tabs for the right screen and left screen, making it more convenient to use and maneuver wherever you want to go back to.
  • Enhanced chat notification features: With the new version of Android, now it will be possible to have enhanced features to chat from the notification window only. Now you can share images and emojis and have a greater user experience.
  • Automatic dark mode Sensing: Sensing the time of day, the android 11 will have a feature that will automatically put your phone on the dark mode and help in eye safety and battery saving. This will give the user an all-new, enhanced feel.

We have seen so many new features that the users are going to benefit from. Everything that has been lacking and was demanded by the community, Google tried to give them all in it’s newest version.

There are many new features that are available for the developers also.

Android 11 Features for Developers


Let’s take a quick look at all the features that developers are going to have:

  • Improvement in the data access audit features: The developers need to be aware of the recent changes made by Google in the APIs for accessing of the information shared by the users on their apps. 
  • Increased storage: Having experimented on Android 10, Google took it to another high and decided to protect the user data by guarding them. Now the apps can only access only some content from your device hence scoped out the storage access. Google said they would give sufficient time for the developers to get used to the new system and make the necessary transitions.
  • Alternative to the transfer of documents and data: Now, the users can share data directly using the android beam through NFC. This will be a very new feature and will create new hope in the market. 
  • API for the 5G detection: With this feature, the developers can easily know whether the user is connected on the 5G network or not, and it will benefit him to bring in the new changes in its app and services.
  • Screen out the spam calls: The new android 11 will have more enhanced screening out options for calls that irritated the user. The apps will check the calls and feed the rejection reason and will let the user decide whether he wants even to attend a call from that number or not. The apps will also check the history of call details and whether the number is in your contact list or not.
  • Resume on reboot: With this new feature after rebooting your device, your apps will resume its previous functionalities without losing its CREDENTIAL ACCESS, and so you don’t have to worry about losing your login info or other details. Now it will become to reboot your device and have everything as it was easily.
  • Refreshing can be varied: The game apps, apps, and video apps can decide the frame they want to provide for their user. The system will choose to form the most preferred frame refresh rate to let the user have a greater and a flexible screen and frame size experience to get the more feel of playing a game or using an app.

Some More Features

  • Extended screenshots: Android 11 will enable us to capture extended screenshots with no need of having to rely on the third parties’ application. This case has already been confirmed by Dave Burke on of the Google team engineers. This feature is available in some handsets though not many in the market but Android 11 will for sure make it native.
  • Large Scoped Storage: This characteristic is part of Android 10 and hence Google got determined and decided to take it at a little higher notch and did put it in a standby mode.  This feature enables the gadget to optimize its speed memory, analyzing, and setting privacy. This means that after creating a second folder to the files committed to the app. The can overwrite and carry out any report without the user having any control to supply the permission. It is good to know that this feature is not on hand to other outside apps but it is only compatible with the app concerned.
  • Bluetooth and Airplane modes: One of the new characteristics in the Android 11 may be Bluetooth related that will remove automatic deactivation of the airplane mode. This will be most useful to people who are traveling by plane as they can use Bluetooth to concentrate on a song.
  • Android Beam Alternative: The Android beam allows the transfer of documents from one gadget to the other using the NFC. Though it is not a common feature amongst the customers, its improvements when implemented will be of much help to both the manufactures and the customers. Google needs to provide efficient opportunities and with no doubt, the Android 11 will be one of the greatest smartphone version to ever exist in the android market.

Bottom Line

There are so many features that the normal public won’t even understand and are basically fir the app developers. But still, since this, the newest thing happening in the market keep a watch. This is not it, the Android 11 is still in the developer mode, and with every new launch, some more features are being added and modified. Keep track of all the latest developments on this page.

Android 11 is coming with great features and we’ll keep updating on the latest updates on OS.

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