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What is a Virtual Phone Number & How to get one?

Virtual phone number- this term is the talk of the town for various reasons. By setting a business free from all kinds of traditional communication hassles, the virtual phone number has the ability to streamline workflow at multiple fronts.

Existing in today’s digital world seems impossible with a virtual phone number. This article throws light on every aspect of virtual phone numbers and why one must choose a mobile number from cNumber.

What Is A Virtual Phone Number? 

A virtual phone number has no ties with the physical world and is deployed/installed on the cloud. Unlike traditional PSTN phone numbers, a virtual phone number is not tied with any fixed line and has an actual hardware/software installation to support the functions.

A virtual phone number is also known as direct inward dialing (DID) or access numbers. Most generally, a virtual phone number is used to forward the incoming call of a pre-set telephone number. It can also act as a gateway between traditional calls (PSTN) and VoIP.

In the old times, telephones used to remain stationed at a particular location and were not able to remain functional from out of the vicinity. This hindered business communication at multiple levels.

This limitation was curbed 100% when the invention of the virtual phone number happened.

cNumber – The Right Kind Of Virtual Phone Number in the UK

Using virtual phone numbers for business and personal use is a very common practice in the UK. cNumber online is one of the most trusted virtual phone number providers in the UK.

Packed with ample of business features and facilities, cNumber virtual phone numbers has helped businesses to all sort of overcome conventional communication issues because of these phone numbers:

  • Exist on the cloud – The on-cloud infrastructure of cNumber’s virtual phone number makes them easily accessible. There is no particular set-up protocol to follow to use it. As long as you have a data-driven device and internet connection, a virtual phone number can be at your service.
  • Are not tied with any wires – Virtual phone numbers are 100 % online. Businesses don’t have to get involved in a time-consuming system set-up process to bring them into action. A simple login is what you need to use them.
  • Allows you to ensure data safety – As every business data is saved on the cloud, no catastrophe of the physical world can cause any damage. To protect the data from the virtual world’s vulnerabilities, cNumber offers impeccable security encryption.

Applications of the virtual phone number

Virtual phone numbers can be used in multiple walks of life and ease communication across multiple channels. Some of the key applications of the virtual phone number are:

  • Businesses – Businesses of all sorts can use virtual phone numbers to set-up a call center in a remote location, have a local presence in an area without owning a physical office, and set-up virtual offices with very less investment.
  • Individuals – The use of a virtual phone number is not limited to business. Individuals who are frequent travelers can also use to remain in touch with their loved ones without bearing the wrath of high international calling charges.
  • Specific businesses – Some sort of specific businesses where customer dealing is more like e-commerce uses the virtual phone number to offer around-the-clock customer assistance. A virtual phone number from the house of cNumber is capable of building a communication channel that can entertain queries coming in all forms like email, SMS, live chat, phone call, or voicemail.

Virtual Phone Number – The Necessity

Since its inception, a virtual phone number has made the world believe that it’s no ordinary business tool. It is a necessity that one must comply with to remain relevant to today’s digital world. 

Virtual phone numbers from cNumber are capable of handling the communication process in your ecosystem without any disparities. They are highly advanced and have the ability to change as per the organizational demands. 

Replacing the traditional telephony system with them guarantees success. Hence, take them on board today.  

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