Best Money Making Apps on Android

Best Money Making Apps on Android in 2024

Are you interested in making money on android apps?

If so, keep reading, because below we show you the best android apps that make money, honestly most of these applications usually work wonders, but they require time and effort, because most of them force us to perform repetitive tasks in exchange for pennies on the dollar, the reality, in an organized process of a few hours a day, they manage to make a decent sum, these making money apps for android are the main ones used by users around the world.

Best Money Making Android Apps

  1. Google Opinion Rewards
  2. FeaturePoints
  3. BeMyEye
  4. Foap
  5. Fiverr
  6. Udemy
  7. FitGain 
  8. Sweatcoin
  9. Cashapp
  10. Toluna influencers
  11. CashCloud

Google Opinion Rewards

As a product of the giant Google, this application fulfills what it promises in a very simple way. By answering the surveys sent by Google, you accumulate credits to be used in the PlayStore.

The secret to receiving many surveys is to always be on the go, such as going to shopping malls, airports, travel, etc. The more you are on the move, the more opportunity you will have to receive surveys.

It is worth remembering that Google is a specialist in discovering fraud, and, for monitoring everything in the digital world, if you answer the surveys without correctly reading the questions, the risk of losing your credits is very great.

One observation: As we mentioned, the credits obtained in this application can only be exchanged in the PlayStore store.


FeaturePoints is another android app that pays you to test/download applications. Available for both iPhone and Android, but also a web version accessible from the phone’s Internet browser.

The principle is simple: download an application in the “Earn” section, open it, and use it for 1 minute to receive your points. There are new apps to download every week.

The referral system allows you to earn the equivalent of 50% of your referrals’ revenue. For example, if one of your referrals downloads an app and 50 points, you will earn 25 of them, it is interesting if we have active referrals and above all, if we have many!

You can withdraw your earnings from $ 1 in Amazon cards, from $ 3 to $ 1,000 for Paypal, $ 5 to $ 10 in iTunes cards, RP for League of Legend, or $ Steam from $ 5 to $ 20.


BeMyEye is an application that offers short paid missions mostly in stores, plays mystery shoppers and you have to take pictures of products or shelves, check a price and answer some questions to receive compensation.

Missions are between € 0.50 and € 20 , there are regularly around € 10 and sometimes up to € 30 but on average you will earn € 3 to € 6 per mission, which is not bad, especially if you do it during your shopping!

Share your code or referral link with your friends to earn between € 1 and € 3 when they complete their first paid mission.


If you are particularly good at taking photos or making videos and you can make each shot unique and particular, I have the app for you. 

Through Foap it is possible to earn money online through photos or videos taken directly with the smartphone. 

To date, more than 3,000,000 photographers have registered on this platform, only you are missing.  

The same advertising agencies and major brands are looking for photos and images on this portal that may be suitable for their advertising campaign.

To earn money on Foap there are 2 ways.

First way you can upload your photos and leave them in a sort of showcase.

At this point, the agencies will be able to purchase that photo of yours and you will be recognized, with this first method, immediately 50% of the cost of the photo. The cost of the photo is usually set at 5 euros.

Alternatively, according to the way of earning online, you can choose to participate in the campaigns promoted by the agencies themselves. In this case, however, it is the agency that indicates the subject of the photo or video that will serve him for the campaign but they can be willing to pay up to $ 100.

So if you are good at making videos or photos instead of posting them only on Instagram or Pinterest you can think of using this app in order to combine business with pleasure. 


Another interesting alternative among the applications to earn money for freelance services. Fiverr focuses on the area of digital services, such as development, translation, and Web design. Through the app, you can offer services and be hired almost immediately.


This app is perfect for those who want to distribute their own course. This is one of the best-known platforms in the apps market. You can practically find courses in any area on Udemy. It is available for both iPhone and Android.


FitGain is a Fitness application, for iPhone and Android one of those that track running and physical activities, which can be used to earn discount coupons and win real prizes. Basically, the more you run, the more you earn, both in health and in bonuses and vouchers.


Sweatcoin is the application that pays us when we walk.

How does it work? First you need to create an account and then activate the position via GPS and then?

Every 1,000 steps taken, the app will pay 0.95 Sweatcoins , these are nothing more than a virtual currency to be used to buy within their own store, for example, fitness equipment or a new beautiful iphone when you reach the 20 thousand sweat coins mark.

Instead, we could also get $ 1,000 credited directly to our PayPal account.

Yes, all fantastic only that to earn $ 1,000 you need exactly 21 million and 502,632 steps, already. 

Basically the distance from the earth to the moon .

Of course, the app is good for your health, it stimulates movement and could make you money by inviting other friends to use the app through your link, a classic affiliation.

In this case, for every new member who arrives on Sweatcoin thanks to you, 5 coins will be recognized.

Also, this app allows you to give to charity what you have earned by also adding health to others.


CashApp, only available Android, is similar to CashPirate, but more reliable, which makes money online by installing sponsored apps. Again the earnings are very small and it also takes some patience before seeing a couple of Euros. Payments are made through vouchers for stores such as Google Play, Apple, Amazon, or others.

Toluna influencers

Toluna is a site to earn money by leaving an opinion that includes 8 million members, they also have applications for iOS and Android!

On Toluna you can earn money by answering surveys or simply by sharing your opinion with other members.

The member will earn 500 bonus points or € 0.125, it is not much but it is always good to take it!

You can redeem your € 5 points with bank transfers, Amazon cards, iTunes, Fnac….


CashCloud is a very interesting application, it has good potential because it offers different concepts to earn money and allows you to pay directly online with a virtual MasterCard, so you can pay on all sites that accept Mastercard.

You can top up your CashCloud account by making a bank transfer to use your virtual MasterCard as a Paypal account. But you can also make a transfer from your CashCloud account to your bank account. You can also send money among CashCloud users.

You can order an NFC sticker that is applied on the back of the phone for contactless payments from your CashCloud account.

Recordings exclusively by phone (iPhone or Android) because it is an application and there is no PC version.

On CashCloud you can earn money by downloading applications (from € 0.05 to € 1 / app) by connecting your Facebook account (€ 0.50), Twitter (€ 0.50) or by taking advantage of the CashBack offers that CashCloud offers for occasions such as parties, sales, etc …

CashCredits are the currency of the application, they are also called CCR, for information 100 CCR = 1€.

There is a sponsorship system that allows you to win 200 CashCredits per referral, the equivalent of €2.

In Conclusion – Money Making Android Apps

In recent years, android apps that make money and gifts have doubled and it is not easy to find the best one for (lack of time, motivation, or simply reliable).

Don’t expect to earn hundreds of euros a month with just 1 or 2 questions, miracles can’t be done.

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