Best Websites to Watch Cartoons Online Free

The cartoon industry continues to grow with an expanding audience the world over. The internet streaming boom has allowed people to watch cartoons and other animated movies online conveniently from wherever they’re.

Best Websites to Watch Cartoons Online

There are various cartoon streaming sites on the internet and some of them are discussed in this article.


The name Disney is associated with cartoons and animations in the world of entertainment. In fact, their reputation in producing top-notch animated movies has surfaced all over the world.

From America to Europe to Asia and to Africa, Disney’s cartoons are loved by millions whether young or grown-up.  Although Disney’s movies are produced on Blu-ray discs, they also have an online streaming service based on subscription model. Disney’s streaming site is called Disney Plus (Disney+).

It has a massive library of cartoon movies to watch. Disney+ focuses on “family-oriented entertainment”, and features no R-rated or TV-MA-rated programming. 

Socshare Movies

This is a group of hybrid movie streaming sites that offer various categories of contents including cartoon movies. Socshare allows users to stream and download movies without registration or signing up.

Most of the movies on Socshare site are pirated contents and could be subject to copyright infringements. For this reason, socshare operates a massive network of proxy and mirror sites which makes it harder for law enforcement to completely shut it download.

Despite the fact that users are able to watch movies for free on this site, they have to deal with ad pop-ups whenever they click on a particular item. 

Cartoons on

This is undoubtedly one of the best cartoon streaming websites on the internet. The site has a flexible and dynamic layout, fully compatible with every device like laptops, PC, Smartphones and iPads.

Viewers can watch and download all sorts of cartoon movies for free without signing up or registering. Its homepage looks minimalistic. However, when you click on the movie thumbnail, it takes you to an ads-flooded page which creates confusion to the user.

Despite this drawback, the site is a home to hundreds of movie catalogs and the owners constantly update it with the latest cartoons to watch for free.


It is one of the most popular free cartoon movie streaming sites on the internet. For cartoon movie lovers, they will find this site amazing for them because of its great content to watch online for free.

The site contains numerous cartoon movie catalogs and the latest cartoons are always uploaded to provide users or viewers with varieties to watch.

However, this site’s outlook doesn’t make it to stand out among other cartoon movie streaming sites. The site’s layout is so bogus that users may not have an appetite to revisit it again.


In this era, if you don’t appreciate the fact that YouTube is one of the most interesting or amazing sites on the internet, then you absolutely living under some kind of a rock.

YouTube is the most popular video streaming site on the internet with billions of visitors every month. It has various contents ranging from personal vlogs to free movies like cartoons.

This site is so secure and users are not worried of getting infected with malware once they visit it. Although it doesn’t look like other conventional cartoon streaming sites, YouTube is one of the best alternatives to consider watching some movies for free

Cartoon Movies HQ

When writing down sites that offer free cartoon streaming, Cartoon Movies HQ can’t miss out on the list. The site has a minimalist outlook and contains thousands of movie catalogs which users can watch for free.

Furthermore, users aren’t required to sign up or register in order to watch movies. Although the site looks relatively minimalistic, ad pop-us are a big drawback that could be frustrating for the users. 

Watch Cartoons online

This site has a minimalist outlook with some great content for free cartoon streaming. The site does not online offer cartoon movies but also other anime contents that could of interest to site visitors.

On interesting feature about this site is that it offers synopsis about every cartoon movie. So, site visitors are able to read a brief summary of the cartoon they’re interested to watch.

On the other hand, the site’s drawbacks including from not being a straight forward site to having practically a boring outlook. Many users would find this site totally boring to visit and would not opt to come back again.

Go Go Anime

This site is absolutely amazing. From having a professional outlook to hosting thousands of free content, Go Go Anime could be considered one of the most fantastic sites to watch cartoons for free.

Although some people may have a one-sided view regarding its popularity associated with anime contents, the site is a home to hundreds of cartoon movies which users can watch for free.

There is no need of signing up or registering. The site is also short of ad pop-ups; something that is absolutely amazing especially in the free internet streaming community. 

Disney Junior

This site is owned by Walt Disney Television; an American pay Television network. Unlike other free cartoon streaming sites, Disney Junior offers most of it contents on a subscription-based model.

This means that users have to pay in order to watch the cartoons on this site. Disney Junior website has a professional and Enterprise outlook with no ad pop-ups and free from malware infections.

The fact that this site is owned by Disney; which is practically the king of cartoon and animation production, it makes it the best alternative to watch premium and high-quality contents especially among cartoon lovers who don’t have any problem with pay subscription.


This site is one of the most popular cartoon streaming platforms on the internet. The site’s popularity is tapped from sister pay tv channel also known as nickelodeon.

The website has hundreds of cartoons to watch for premium subscribers and its layout is beautiful and enticing for the users. In fact, the site looks like a real cartoon streaming website as compared to other free streaming sites.

Users can watch all nick cartoons like SpongeBob SquarePants, Jimmy Neutron, Avatar and more. 

Anime toon

Anime toon also offers lots of cartoon movies which users can stream for free. Cartoon movies found on this site are categorized in various genres like action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama etc.

Users can also check out dubbed anime. However, one drawback on this site is the fact that its layout is really boring. It doesn’t look professional and one could easily refuse not to revisit this website again. 


For parents who would want to find a website with great cartoon contents, Cartoonito is the best alternative. It provides fun, entertaining and light educational videos suitable even for pre-school children.

You can choose any educational cartoon show by tapping on it. On your screen, you will see all the episodes of the show. Tap on any episode you like to play it. Not only cartoon contents are found on this site but also other contents like games and songs for kids are found here.

Anime Planet 

This site contains some of the most popular anime series. This website has an outstanding outlook with thousands of anime and cartoon contents.

New cartoons are constantly updated to give site visitors a variety of content to watch. The website is also short of ad pop-ups which in most cases frustrate site users.

Anime-Planet website is subdivided into various sections which include; popular anime this week, popular manga this week, newest anime recommendations, winter 2024 anime and newest manga recommendations. Site visitors can watch these contents for free without registering or signing up.

Kiss Cartoons

Kiss Cartoons contains hundreds of great cartoon content which can be watched for free. The website is kind of complicated to find cartoons to watch especially for beginners.

If you expecting to find contents where you just click and play, then this sit isn’t the best alternative as you have to hustle through in order to watch cartoons. This difficulty frustrates users and may end up not coming back on this site.

Another disadvantage of this site is its many onsite ad congestions that fills up much of the website space. This confuses users who would expect to find more of cartoon content than the later. 

Super Cartoons

This site is so amazing to the free cartoon streaming community. It is a straightforward site that makes a user always visit it again. The contents are organized properly and there is no confusion at all.

There are hundreds of cartoon catalogs on this site. Each cartoon movie has a brief synopsis which users can read and have an advanced clue of what they want to watch. Users can also watch cartoons for free without having to signup or register. The site is so minimalistic and it actually has limited ad pop-ups. 


For anyone looking for high quality and premium cartoon contents, Hulu is the right place to go. Hulu is very popular in the movie streaming community. Due to its subscription-based model, all of its contents are of high quality.

There are two subscription plans offered by Hulu; users can opt for a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription. Unlike other free cartoon streaming sites that might contain malware, Hulu is very safe and users can easily stream contents without worrying about their online safety.

One drawback about the Hulu website is that; it can’t be accessed in all parts of the world. To circumvent this problem, one has to use a premium or high-quality VPN 

New Grounds

This is a community website where you will find a great collection of cartoons and also games and music. The site is free from ads pop-ups. However, members are asked to contribute some money to be able to access some content.

New Grounds website is not particularly a conventional cartoon streaming site, as it hosts a couple of other content like movies, games, art, and many more. 

Side Reel 

This website can load so faster that users can find it interesting. The site offers cartoon movies based on genres like action, adventure, romance, drama and more. Cartoons are also categorized based on popularity; top rated, daily best am weekly best.

One of the interesting things about Side Real is the fact that this site is light and easy to browse through. It relatively has limited on-click and onsite ads as compared to other free streaming sites.


When listing out the best streaming platforms, the list becomes incomplete if Netflix is not included. This website is the king of online subscription-based streaming.

Netflix has a massive library of thousands of movies some of which are cartoon movies. In fact, Netflix contributes to over 13% of the world’s bandwidth consumption. This is due to the fact that millions of users’ flock on this site daily to stream movies. Netflix contents are of high resolution but users are also given different resolutions options to select if their internet connection is slow.

To watch movies on Netflix, users have to sign up and pay either monthly or annually. Netflix website is an enterprise-level website, supported by hundreds or thousands of servers. For this reason, it is impossible for this website to crash due to massive traffic on it. 

DC Universe

This is also a membership subscription site where users have to pay in order to access the contents. The site is operated by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros Digital Networks.

The site offers original television programming, access to select animated series and films from DC’s back catalogue, a rotating selection of comics from DC Comics. In addition to its web and mobile web access, DC Universe is also available on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, and soon PlayStation 4.

DC Universe is also an enterprise-level video on demand platform as it is supported by hundreds or thousands of services. This means that the site has enough capacity to handle massive traffic from users. One of the greatest advantages of subscription-based sites like DC Universe is the fact that they’re safe and free from malware infections.

Bottom Line

Although many free sites offer free cartoons or movies to watch online, many of them do it illegally could be subject to shut down by relevant authorities.

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