Top Free-To-Play PC Games to Try Out Today

Playing video games has become a very expensive hobby, but for the clever opportunists out there, it doesn’t have to be. There are more free-to-play titles on the market than ever before, and the quality, engagement, and gameplay of some of these games are truly impressive. So, try out some of these great titles for hours of free fun.

1. Destiny 2


This first-person action shooter MMO has some of the most engaging systems in today’s multiplayer game offering. Combining excellent PVP and PVE modes and exceptional gunplay, it’s no wonder this is still such a popular title, even five years after its initial release. This is one of the most beautiful first-person shooters to play at the moment, which unfortunately comes with a cost as you may need to upgrade your system to take advantage of the amazing detail that the developers have put into the ever-expanding Destiny universe.

If the idea of building a whole new PC fills you with dread, as many parts are becoming extremely hard to source thanks to global shortages, why not take a look at the selection of Prebuilt Lenovo Gaming PCs for a hassle-free upgrade to your entertainment base? Destiny and its first two DLCs are free, offering tons of content and hours of gameplay. There is additional paid content if you want to take your adventures further into the galaxy.

2. League Of Legends


League of Legends saw a relatively small release back in 2009. After some great marketing and big investment into the game’s competitive scene, the developers grew this humble title into the behemoth IP that it is known to be today, with the last World Championship drawing in a peak viewership of 4.01m. The aim of the game is to coordinate with your four other teammates to destroy your enemy’s base and win the game. Featuring one of the best-supported competitive leagues, over 140 champions to choose from, and incredible lore to dive into, there is a lot to offer for all gamers. And the best part is, it’s free.

3. EVE Online


One of the more complex games available today, EVE Online offers a depth to space exploration that has garnered it the feral support of hundreds of thousands of active players, with over 9 million people having played EVE online at some point since its 2003 release. EVE Online is a player-led, massively multiplayer online space exploration game which sees players take control of a spaceship to navigate a virtual world of wars, heists, and betrayal. Starting the game with a few simple items, the player is required to work their way up the ladder of progression to get access to bigger, better, and more ships and gear.

If you are fed up with your current selection of games or are just interested in exploring some new genres for little to no monetary investment, then be sure to check out some of these free-to-play titles. There are some truly great communities behind some of these titles, and thousands of hours’ worth of enjoyment are to be found in each one, so there is sure to be something for all tastes.