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Best Two Player Games for iPhone/iPad in 2024

Bored of always playing the same game? Have you bought a new iPad or an iPhone and want to play iPhone games for two players

It is very good to throw a few games to an endless like Crossy Road or improve our skills in deliveries like Candy Crush or Pastry Paradise. But many times we end up falling into monotony and we feel like something more exciting, more challenging. And what better way to change habits than with impressive two player games for iPhone?

Among the “modern” characteristics of the videogame in general, but also of the Apple gaming, there is certainly the 2 player side that grants the opportunity to challenge friends, even from a distance, and to benefit, thus, from an almost infinite longevity. Just in relation to this feature we have compiled a list of the best two-player games for iphone.

If you want to challenge your friends to two-player games, you cannot miss these applications for Apple tablets and phones …

Blitz Brigade

We open our list with a harvest of the popular Gameloft. Blitz Brigade contains more than a hundred types of weapons, armored cars, amazing scenarios, and a game power that will gather your friends for several hours. You only have to choose a side and start to riddle all your opponents. The application also contains 120 missions to practice and acquire skills and a Deathmatch mode that will become addictive. Without a doubt, an FPS worth carrying on our iPhone.

Connect Four

A game that bets on intelligence and healthy fun. With Connect Four you must place groups of four tiles in landscape, portrait, or diagonal mode. Although it seems simple, it is a game that requires a lot of visual acuities. If you prefer to practice alone, you can train yourself by defeating the computer. Then, you will be ready to go looking for adversaries all over the world. The more victories you achieve, the more points you will get. It also has chat and is completely free. What else?

Uno & Friends

Two things set this app apart from other card games. First, its visual aspect, entertaining, different, and with extensive customizable options such as modifying the cover of the deck. Second, its event system, where every day, you can count on new tournaments and win coins with which you can buy more effects for your cards. Through WiFi or your 4G network, you can find hundreds of users willing to challenge your wits.

Slide Soccer

The classic veneer board to play soccer now from your iPhone. Integrated with GameCenter, Slide Soccer boasts being different and creative. You can choose between ice or grass boards, wood or metal sheets, and more than 32 teams with which to challenge your friends to an intense game full of emotions. The application also includes a Championship Mode with which to try your luck in front of your friends.

Air Hockey Gold

With an enviable physical engine and unmatched sound power, Air Hockey Gold brings to your iPhone all the excitement that this unique sport awakens. The application contains several levels of complexity and a two-player mode to start exciting games. The new version also includes a new interface, improved wireless connection, and compatibility with a greater number of devices.


The logic of this game is quite simple: try to guess with words what other people draw. From here, you will have only a minute and a half to hit and get the most points. With support for multiple languages, Pinturillo is a leisure haven that gathers the attention of countless people around the world. Perfect space to stimulate your imagination. Do not miss it.

Chess Master

Perfect opportunity to develop your mental acuity. Chess Master is programmed with eighty levels of difficulty that will make you an expert in chess. The application offers the possibility of working with two friends to advise you on the best strategy. In this way, you must level up by defeating your opponents to achieve better positions.


Monopoly, the popular game that now has a version for mobile devices, has been equipped with new options. To get the most properties, you must shake your device to roll the dice and wait for luck to be with you. The application has possibilities to play in Bluetooth mode (three friends) or via local wireless connection (four friends), and a very intuitive system to manage your properties. To play.


Here is an application that will delight young and old alike. To start playing Cruzaditas you can select between several categories of word soups (Sports, Art, Technology, etc.) and challenge your contacts. Before each challenge, you will need all your visual acuity to intercept the words and unlock new, more difficult, and challenging levels. For the little ones at home, there is also space. Cruzaditas is the app for the whole family.

Air Wings

To unleash a real air battle, nothing better than Air Wings. Furthermore, the application can be connected to GameCenter and maximize the experience through the AirPlay service. Climb aboard one of the fifteen available aircraft models and try to collect as many explosives to dominate the terrain and defeat your friends. More than twenty-two player battle scenarios and a small section to practice and refine our skills. Safety pin.

TowerMadness HD 

This tower defense type game is unquestionably the best two-player games for iPhone, since, in addition to its exceptional graphics (with the possibility of zooming in on fights), it took full advantage of the power of the iPad without slowing down the first-generation iPad, this game is very addictive and the environment is really attractive. Beyond the very satisfactory classic mode, the two-player mode which separates the screen in two offers a perfectly correct visibility to save your sheep (you will understand!). In short, well worth the money and will be the occasion for a good delirium with your friends!

Asphalt 8: Airborne

This exciting driving game developed by Gameloft has a large number of two-player modalities and incredible real luxury cars such as the Lamborghini Veneno or the Ferrari FXX. There are up to 47 different cars! Asphalt 8 offers a fabulous experience, stunning graphics, and thrilling racing, dangerous overtaking, and mind-blowing stunts.

Dungeon Hunter 5

With each passing year, the DH saga surprises us more and more. In DH5 the story is much more impressive and its gameplay reveals an open world that we can explore . You fight dragons, gods, and all kinds of creatures from hell with different characters and abilities. Its two-player modalities will allow us to play in cooperative mode or versus mode against other players around the planet.


If you like MOBA titles, you cannot miss Vainglory . It has a fast-paced two-player in which teamwork, unlocking the Kraken, obtaining skills and collecting coins are an essential part of the games. And it’s also free! If you want to know another very similar one, try Fates Forever, a game that we already analyzed in its day .

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

We leave aside, for now, the free games to focus on one of the most successful in the App Store right now. This is MC5, Gameloft’s acclaimed shooter title features 5 two-player modes: Capture the Flag, VIP, Clan Battles, Team Battles, and All-Against-All.

MetalStorm: Aces

If we talk about two-player games we cannot forget for a single moment about MetalStorm: Aces . Ideal to fight in “versus” or “cooperative” with our friends and / or family and pilot our own combat aircraft . It’s amazing!

The Respawnables

We offer you a free game that allows us to compete in online matches in “all against all” and “team duel” . It has 60 customization elements, several characters to choose from, and more than 30 very powerful weapons.

The Blockheads

If you like Minecraft- type games (which we could well have added in this two-player compilation) you will surely love The Blockheads. A title with a very similar theme but in 2 dimensions. In it, we can explore a gigantic world, build all kinds of houses, make our own clothes and much more . Its two-player allows us to speak through the microphone with our friends to facilitate tasks and collaboration.

Muffin Knight

Some will say that Muffin Knight is too childish, and yes, it is. But it has a “something” that makes this game a really addictive title . In it, we will have to collect as many cupcakes as possible while transforming into different characters: a zombie, a unicorn, a dragon … It is really fun!

Call of Mini Double Shot

What would this compilation be without a zombie-killer as God intended? In Call of Mini Double Shot, we will be able to ally ourselves with our companions in a brutal cooperative mode in which we will face all kinds of monsters, beasts, and horrifying zombies . Its gameplay is fabulous and the maneuverability of its controls is simply excellent.

Bottom Line – iPhone 2 Player Games

However, if you like two-player zombie games you can choose 2013 Infected Wars, Zombiewood, or Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies.

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