Top Fantasy Cricket Apps in India

Top 5 Fantasy Cricket Apps For 2024

Already started waiting for IPL 2024? In that case, you must be searching for some of the best fantasy cricket apps for the year. After all, fantasy cricket has become the latest craze among individuals, isn’t it? 

What Fantasy Cricket is All About

Well, fantasy cricket not only offers cricket fans an opportunity to associate with the real sport, but it also helps them utilize their skills and experience in the game. Though the gamers involved are not on the field themselves, they get a chance to have their own team on the field.

Using their sense of mind, they select the team members based on their skills and performance. Whether it is an IPL match or World Cup or any other cricket league, with fantasy sports, you have the chance to cherish the game via your chosen players who play and compete against the other team.

Based on the type of match being played, you can select your team. Choosing the members for your team is one of the crucial steps towards ensuring your win and this involves taking into consideration a few standard parameters.

For example, for a pitch that is favourable for batting, you can have the best batsmen in the team while for a dry pitch, having good bowlers is recommended. Thus, whom to include or not completely depends on the type of match and the type of field you are to play on.

Top 5 Fantasy Cricket Apps for 2024 

Given the significance of fantasy sports in your life, there are many online platforms that have emerged to give you a chance to associate with cricket virtually.

The top 5 fantasy cricket apps for 2024 have been listed below:


If you get a chance to have a look at the rate at which the fantasy gaming apps gained popularity, you will come to know how quickly MPL has managed to have a strong user base, thereby becoming one of the fastest-growing gaming platforms in India. Virat Kohli, being the latest face of the brand, has done wonders in driving more and more people to join fantasy sports on the gaming platform, especially cricket. 

MPL’s fantasy league section has a Name Super Team feature where gamers can join the latest cricket match contests and create their fantasy team to win the same. On the website, you will come across a set of rules to follow to win the game. Once you go through the guidelines and procedures, you will understand how to go about it. Therefore, winning would be easier.

When you collaborate with this site, you are exposed to the instructions to follow, which might not be the case with other gaming platforms that you may associate yourself with.

Sign up and start playing on MPL instantly for a unique fantasy gaming experience!


While listing the top fantasy cricket apps, The Week listed this app among the top ones, considering the way it helps individuals to utilize their knowledge in cricket in choosing ideal members for their team depending on various factors affecting the decision. With a limited number of teams and clubs, this app has become a more trusted sports gaming brand in India. 

The app came into existence in 2016 and has managed to acquire a user base of over 15 million. With its emergence, it introduced a fantasy sports platform where gamers can enjoy nine major sports, including football, basketball, volleyball, field hockey, rugby, and quiz besides cricket. The instructions are available in dual languages, making it comfortable for people to choose a language they prefer more.

With exciting prizes and offers, the platform encourages more and more individuals to join the gaming platform to play their favourite sports with their chosen players.


With the rising popularity of fantasy sports in India, many gaming platforms have gained the attention of different sports lovers, one of them being FanFight. It is a simple-to-use and easy-to-navigate platform that makes it easier for users to play there comfortably. The vision, simplicity, and creativity that the platform has to offer are the reasons behind compelling the users to remain stuck to the sports that FanFight has to offer.

In a very short period of time, it has become one of the most trusted platforms so far as fantasy sports are concerned. Whenever playing on FanFight is recommended, the first question that is asked is if the platform would be safe. The answer is yes, it is. The brand ensures users’ protection. When it comes to releasing the winning cash, the platform offers a special withdrawal system through which the payment of the gamers is directly made to the wallet.

Moreover, collaborating with FanFight for your fantasy gaming experience is completely hassle-free. The best part is that the gaming brand complies with all central and state legislation of the country and makes sure the gamers remain fully protected. Be safe, play safe with FanFight.


One of the latest fantasy cricket apps introduced for the year 2024 and beyond is Howzat. It is different from the rest of the apps as it gives gamers a chance to join fantasy leagues depending on the upcoming matches be it cricket, kabaddi, or football. The bonus and deposit offers available with this platform are definitely the reason behind its popularity, but the fun and excitement that it offers are even more significant. Cricket aces like Yuvraj Singh, Kumar Sangakkara, Irfan Pathan, etc. endorsed the brand since its launch, which made it quite an effective approach towards establishing this fantasy app as the most trustworthy one in India.

This app enables gamers associated with the app a chance to collaborate with the legends for “Beat the Legend” contests. It is a safe platform to be a part of. Thus, you can enjoy associating with it to serve your urge of involving in a cricket match in the real gaming environment.


The name needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular fantasy cricket apps that gamers opt for. The platform lets players enjoy different types of sports, cricket being the most sought-after among all. It was the first app that entered the Unicorn Club. You do get a chance to win cash prizes if your team wins, but what attracts cricket fans towards this app is the best utilization of their cricket skills on the platform. If you possess the same passion for the sport, you can join the gamers’ queue as well.


The above-mentioned top 5 fantasy cricket apps for 2024 will be the best to associate with as you will get a creative environment to involve in your favourite sport while having the best gaming experience ever. Try it!!!

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