Best Tips to Improve Your Aiming in Valorant

In Riot Games team-based, tactical shooter Valorant, the heroes have a lot of powers to beat the enemy, but your aim and game sense will get you through most situations. Despite the fact that hero abilities are an important part of the game, one of the most important aspects of your gameplay is to have as many wins as possible.

So, if you’ve been having trouble getting through the tight chokes on Bind or a late-round C long push on Haven, this guide will help you improve your aim in Valorant.

Crosshair Placement

Getting your crosshair in the right place is the most important thing you can do to improve your k/d in Valorant. It means keeping your aim in the middle of the screen and setting your crosshair at the perfect height for your head as you push or peel during the round. The goal is to have to make as few changes as possible when you see another player.

If your crosshair is above your head, you only have to go a short distance horizontally. This will take time, and you’ll have to work hard to break some bad habits.

This is for those of you who are aiming at the ground and those of you who have your sights set on the sky: If you put in the work to change to this style of play, your game will get better. Be aware that if you want to change the way you play, you’ll have to work at it, but it will help you make a huge leap forward in Valorant.

Practice a lot your aim

To have the best aim, you need to practice a lot, use the range to practice a lot, and I’m sure your aim will get better and better over time.


Find the best crosshair for you

Some people might not think this is important, but it is important to find a crosshair that fits your playing style. It will help a lot if you make the spread indicator smaller and choose a color that stands out against the dull background of Bind. It can also give you a better point of reference, so you can land that flick headshot more often.

All that matters is what’s best for you. You should try them all and find which one suits you the best and start using it all the time. You will see that you will have improvements once you select your perfect crosshair. The crosshair should be as simple as possible. There are players that simply use a dot as a crosshair and they have great results.

From the hip

For most shooters, firing from the hip isn’t the greatest option. But if you’ve been keeping your feet still while shooting and have a reliable crosshair, you should use scoping out to clear corners in Valorant. Looking down the road improves accuracy but reduces the fire rate. It’s ideal for range, but when you’re close and only need one shot, keeping yourself scoped out provides you with a better field of view and a faster fire rate for when you find more than just a Sage around the corner.

Mouse Sensitivity

Setting the DPI and sensitivity of the mouse is a big part of getting better at aiming. Players can try different things to find the best settings for their comfort and how they like to play.

They can look at and try out different mouse sensitivity settings, or they can use the settings that pro Valorant players use. But they should set their own sensitivity and DPI according to how they feel and what they can do. A gaming mouse can also be purchased to improve your gaming experience and aim.

Practice before playing ranked

No one can get their aim right in one day. It takes a lot of time and practice. Valorant comes with a map called “Range” that players can use to work on their skills in-game.

On this map, players can not only try out the agent’s special skills, but they can also practice shooting. Players can test their aim by training bots that are part of the range. They can also practice different parts of the game, like counter-strafing, one-tap shots, and more, which will help them get better at aiming.

Stop squatting all the time to shoot

Crouching or squatting while shooting is great for players who know their pre-aim game technique, but it will hurt players who don’t aim for the head. Since other players will be aiming for your torso, it is easier for them to hit you in the head when they shoot at you.

If you haven’t killed anyone with your first few shots in a long spray fight, you could crouch to get a better shot and be more accurate. Most players have the habit of crouching at odd times, which can be hard to do while playing.

Find when you should spray and reset

When you spray your opponent and they don’t die, you can either stop firing to start over or you can choose to control your spray. It’s hard to control recoil while spraying, and every spray has a RNG part.

Based on how much damage you’ve taken, you should decide whether to keep spraying or start over. When you’ve only done a little bit of damage to an opponent at a long range, you should reset. Keep spraying when the enemy or opponent is close to dying or has taken a lot of damage.


Hire Valorant Boosting services to improve your aiming

When you decide to get a boosting service like and do a duo with a Radiant player, you will be able to check and watch the replays of your games and find out how the booster set up his aiming and when to spay or not, or where you should be and position correctly on each map. This will help you improve, and the booster will also give you extra tips so you can stop making the mistakes you’re always making.