Top 6 Free No-code Automation Tools For Marketing Content Creation

How many times during the workweek do you think it would be useful to be able to clone yourself? Your day doesn’t last long enough to achieve everything you want, and it happens that you just can’t “transfer” the job to someone else or you don’t have time to rely on it.

So you can rely on no-code tools. They entered the world of marketing a few years ago and shed a whole new light on the workflow.

Cheaper, faster, easier!

It sounds like a worn-out phrase, but it’s really the simplest way to say it, and if you don’t want your marketing strategy to resemble a worn-out phrase, then be prepared for the fact that the direction of your business helm must be focused on agile marketing.

While some (who are most likely not programmers) would say that there is never a better time to create marketing strategies, given the opportunities provided by no-code tools, on the other hand, developers and IT experts would laugh at all this.

There are many arguments on both sides, but during the discussion, no-code tools are being developed. They have seriously affected the entire industry and business sector and do not intend to give up, but rather to develop and remain present in the world of marketing. I can do it longer.

The fact is that they can not replace the classic programming and creation of applications and platforms with codes, but they have changed the world of marketing and contribute greatly to the flexibility of your business and easier and faster problem-solving.

Research shows something like that, and what may be the most valuable indicator for you is the fact that almost 80 percent of respondents claim that no-code tools have given them more time to deal with high-priority things.

The marketing segments in which no-code tools can make your everyday life easier and speed up your work processes are – automation, data analysis, websites, and design.

Of course, there are many other options that no-code tools provide, through a personal assistant, material storage, creating mailing lists, etc …

All that no-code tools can provide you for free, there are of course those that are charged, but even in that case, you have benefits.

To accept as soon as possible that no-code tools have become an inevitable part of marketing in 2024 and will only progress even more in the coming ones and you have no reason to wait any longer, your job will be much easier, you will be more efficient and the results quickly visible.

Six no-code platforms that prove what we are talking about.

1. Plainly


We mentioned automation, and it is an inevitable part of the video, which is again an integral part of marketing. Of course, you don’t have much time to spend on creating video content, but you still can’t ignore it, because video is a very important weapon in your business today, promotion, brand strengthening, etc … That’s why there is the Plainly platform which makes your video content personalized for the target group or directly to the person you want to present it to and who you want to encourage certain activities with this video content – getting to know your brand, more internet traffic, shopping …. Don’t forget that the video is the second most attractive content on social media, and can equally be a good idea for saying cold emailing and your presentation to a potential client.

Plainly will help you personalize your video messages, which leaves a much more impression on the client if you address him personally.

2. Airtable

We mentioned above the storage of materials, which can be big boredom. Especially when five people must have access to some material, such as photos, or when you bring a new employee who needs to be explained where the material is and introduced to the business, plus that the material is easily accessible to him so that he can get used to it. There is no need for you to make piles of tables and folders, sort the material and enable access and similar activities because there is a no-code platform Airtable for that. Airtable allows you to store your material, ie create a database of various data, in the form of a table or folder, and what is even more useful, you can share this database with everyone you need to have access to that database and thus facilitate and speed up work without piles of tables and materials on a hundred different sides.

3. Bubble


This is a platform that could even be said to be somewhere at the top when it comes to no-code tools. It is this platform that allows you to make your job easier and enter the world of technology, without the knowledge of IT experts. To start and grow your business, Bubble has proven to be a leader for hundreds of thousands of users by enabling the creation of web applications that are completely easy to use and adaptable to the needs of your business.

4. Zapier

Zapier is a platform as a synonym for automating your business. This tool allows you to connect and integrate your web applications, and more importantly, Zapier automatically launches information within your applications for you, so you don’t have to deal with it. It is very reliable and supports most applications.



Automating your business is imperative for this no-code platform. gives you a great connection to all your web applications that you use every day, provides the ability to circulate a variety of information, and, most importantly, performs repetitive tasks for you, saving you time.

6. Pipefy

This is a no-code platform that can solve even a few business segments for you. Of course with your input and the way you want it, it is already used by many large companies in the world. An application within which you can easily automate business processes, even those related to sales, finance, HR, connecting with potential clients and job candidates, the visibility of your business, etc…

Although the biggest emphasis is on the fact that for less money they bring you great time savings the most important is the end effect. We have listed five no-code platforms here, but there are hundreds of them and their main function is to be extremely helpful in many business activities, regardless of whether you are a small or large company, especially if you are small because a lot of applications offers benefits just for small teams. Easier creation of marketing strategy, then boosting marketing with the faster achievement of greater effects, all this will enable you a no-code platform, without being nailed to work 24 hours a day.