4 Things to Look for When Buying a Second Hand iPhone

Living in the 21st century and the age of technology information implies using various sorts of hardware and software solutions that can make our lives easier and better.

The internet, for one, is a place of endless knowledge, news, and entertainment, while the gadgets that are available have all the features one needs to have an easier time at work, at school, during leisure time, and even in emergencies.

For a modern human to truly be a part of the world they live in they have to be connected, and the thing that allows us to constantly remain so are mobile phones.

Now really more referred to as smartphones because of the sheer amount of amazing features they offer, these little pocket computers have managed to change the world forever.

Technology has always driven the development of society forward as new inventions allow people to do certain things faster, better, and safer.

Too Expensive for Many

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However, technology usually comes out of necessity while with smartphones, we are getting more advanced stuff simply because it has been made available. This also makes the most phones affordable, at least those that are not flagship models with all the latest features.

When those are concerned, not everyone has enough money to buy them. The two leading smartphones manufacturers are Apple and Samsung, with their respective iPhone and Galaxy S lines of flagship models. The former is more popular around the world and there is always a lot of attention and hype when a new version for the year is coming out.

With the top models reaching well over $1,000 many are left with either buying and older model, or going for second hand solutions. The latter can be a great way to afford the newest model for a fraction of the price, but only if you know what to look for. Read on to find out what you need to look for when buying a second hand iPhone.

1. A Trusty Seller

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First and foremost, you have to make sure that you are buying from a reputable supplier. This is important for a few different reasons. Unless you get your second hand iPhone from someone who generally deals with this sort of work, you risk either buying a counterfeit model or not even getting the iPhone you wanted.

A lot of people sell second hand mobile phones. It is a whole separate industry, and there are sellers on popular online shops and auctions too. Only when you find a well-reviewed and rated person should you proceed with the purchase.

The best case scenario would be to buy locally and get to see and try out the phone before paying for it. Ask around in your community if there is a somebody who has second hand phones to sell.

2. Cracks and Scratches

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While iPhones are undoubtedly some of the best phones that have ever been made, they are not without their downsides. The biggest stereotype about iPhone users is that most of them have their device’s protective glass cracked.

Sadly, users are not nearly as careful with expensive gadgetry as they should be, especially teens and adolescents. You do not want a cracked or even a scratched phone, at least not for the price of a mint condition one, so be sure to look for obvious and hidden signs of physical damage.

This is again only possible if you actually get to see the phone yourself, but you can still zoom in on photos and ask the seller for additional proof while shopping online. If they are trying to find their way out of showing you the entire phone, there is probably something to hide.

3. Checking the IMEI Number

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Perhaps the most important thing that you should check when browsing for a second hand iPhone is its international mobile equipment identity number, or IMEI number for short. This is a unique string of numerals that serves an international identity for your specific phone.

It is printed inside the battery compartment of the phone, but nowadays it is more often found on the phone and especially the box. If not, then you can dial a quick code and get all the information, the IMEI included, displayed on the screen.

Finding the IMEI of a second hand iPhone you are interested in is crucial because it can give you warranty information and confirm if the phone still has it. You also get a full report about the device, as well as the software and hardware specs and features.

This way nobody can claim the phone is something it is not. It is an easy way to check that needs to be performed. This check can be easily done online and you should make sure to do it before every purchase of a second hand iPhone purchase. Check out imei24.com for more information about this.

4. Check the Important Stuff

A smartphone is no longer a smart device is some of the features that make it so no longer work. Unless you can find a reliable way to make sure the display condition, the activation lock, the performance, the mics, and the speakers work seamlessly, you cannot really know if the phone is what it appears to be.

They all look nice and neat on the outside. But what if it takes ages to turn on? What if the battery health is poor? What if a button does not work, provided that it is a model with buttons? Imagine buying a phone that appears fine and dandy and then finding out the camera does not work.

You have the right to know all of these things prior to the moment the buying occurs. Once you find a reliable seller with a phone without physical damage, and when the IMEI number shows everything is fine, an in-hand test is all that remains before you know enough to buy it.

Check all the things you can think of yourself, especially the aps and features you will be using the most. If it is all working as intended, shake on it and enjoy your new device.