Best apps for changing voice on Discord

Best Free Voice Changer for Discord in 2024

Discord is an audio chat app that enables voice communication, real-time text, and image sharing among friends. It was specially designed to be a real-time chat app for gamers to be able to communicate tactics while playing their games, and as a result, Discord became very popular. Many users of Discord like to install Discord Voice Changer app that changes their voice in real-time. The increase in Discord popularity among streamers and gamers in the last few years implies that there are more Free Voice Changers for Discord apps to increase user experiences. You can ask any popular gamer or streamer, and you will observe that some are using the Best Voice Changer for Discord as a means to protect themselves on the apps and gain viewers.

What is Voice Changer for Discord?

Discord Voice Changer is software that can be used to change the tone or pitch of a user’s voice. It is used to record audio and share with people through social media platforms such as Steam, Skype, Discord, or Gaming Trolling. These voice changer apps include a simple interface with many effects used in social media platforms. Voice Changer Apps enhance the usability of Discord just like Discord Bots.

Use of Discord Voice Changer Apps

Most people use Voice Changer Discord because it makes them seem more anonymous, while some use them as a means of harassment. Many children use Discord Voice Changers to prevent people from knowing their real age, allowing them to be qualified to attend 18+ gaming chats without being blocked. And some also use it to hide their gender. In case you are not sure which voice changer is the best Voice Changer for Discord, below are the descriptions of some of the best. Now you will have a good understanding of the Discord Voice Changer on the list. Each of these voice changers has its advantages and disadvantages, so you should decide which Best Voice Changer for Discord is suitable for you. 

The Best Voice Changer for Discord

The best Free Voice Changers for Discord applications with awesome features are:


This application is one of the Best Voice Changers for Discord. It has lots of excellent filters and allows you to change your voice into a robot or any other thing. Besides, it is straightforward to use, works in real-time, and is free, which is why I am sure you will find it exciting. Voicemod app can also work for TeamSpeak, Skype, OBS, Twitch, and many more. It works well with any modern version of Windows and has in-built compatibility with some recent famous games like League of Legends, Fortnite, etc. During installation, Voicemod will add a new Microphone Input Device known as Voicemod Virtual Audio Device. You can select from Discord’s voice settings.

Voxal Voice Changer

This is a real-time voice-changing software that you can customize and operate efficiently. It has a free version, which can only be used at home, but also a paid license option that is affordable. There are some exciting voice features like voices for robots, boys, girls, and many more. It can also be used on the existing recorder’s audio files so users can use it as a tool for editing sound if required. Its simplicity to beginners makes it stand out, but it also has improved features that make it seem fascinating for veteran voice changers. Most users use it to disguise their voice to remain unknown when playing games, using Skype, talking on the radio, or other audio applications.


MorphVOX has a reputation for being the most adaptable Discord Voice Changer. The abundance of features it offers makes it different from other Voice Changer Discord on this list. Even though it provides you with built-in sounds and thousands of effects, the voice changer uses only a little bandwidth. In comparison, MorphVOX gives you constant shortcuts. This makes using the app simple to use on your devices without adjustment. Even so, the cost of $20 monthly may seem a bit expensive. Regardless of it offers so many features, its Unemployment Insurance remains awkward and something suggestive of the early 2000s.


As opposed to what the name implies, SuperVoiceChanger is a lightweight tool that consumes a low amount of CPU power. You can easily use several profiles on various channels simultaneously with the quick start option. In general, SuperVoiceChanger is a feasible and user-friendly Voice Changer for Discord. Nonetheless, there is no specific help section or FAQ, which means that you have to explore the app to figure out some of the functions yourself. It is not difficult to do, but the help section would be beneficial as it saves you more time.


This app tries its best to catch up to the best Discord Voice Changer app known as “Voice changer with effects” which has more than a million downloads on Google Play Store. But it still lacks in some areas even though it manages to include five essential features in its app. VoiceFX can load audio files and apply voice changer filters to it, it records the voice and adds filters to alter the sound according to your requirements, and it includes the option of live playback, which adds effects in live voice. It can also save and share MP3 files created by you with your friends and family. With all these features, you will think of VoiceFX as a powerful Voice Changer Discord. For streamers, these features allow you to stream and alter your voice at the same time.


This Discord Voice Changer looks a little fundamental, but it is certainly worth maintaining simplicity. It is not a refined tool, but it does its job well. Clownfish is a Free Voice Changer for Discord, and you do not need to register for an account or pay for a subscription. It works for all Windows versions, and the setup is swift and easy. However, a few disadvantages of using Clownfish are that some voices make specific accents challenging to understand, have limited girl voices, and have no added voice effects apart from the custom pitch function.

Voice Changer

Voice Changer is a Free Voice Changer for Discord that needs to be used online while the user activates Discord. It is not exactly complicated to use as you need to make use of the microphone through this site, which then sends the output to Discord’s system. Many users concluded that it is an excellent Discord Voice Changer, and its voice can be used for commercial purposes without specifics—some of the voices sound very funny in a laugh out loud way. The disadvantages of using this voice changer are that it is complicated to get it to work with Discord, the WTF voice is mostly just words that are confused together, and some of the sounds are impossible to understand.

Morphvoc Jr

This is a Free Voice Changer for Discord software that completely changes your voice to correspond with your personality. This software is mostly used for fun but can sometimes be used by people who require to hide their vocal identity on any social media platform or gaming chats. Users may prefer to sound like a mature woman, or a child or even as a man. The sound effects and built-in voices make this software suitable and reliable software. However, it is built for online games, but it can also be used as a prank tool for calling friends through VoIP and instant messaging. Morphvoc Jr provides you with the opportunity to send out drum rolls and screeches with a click of the mouse, joystick button, or a push of a key.

AV Voice Changer

By using this software, you can cut and mix, record, and morph any audio files or voice both in waveform editing and in real-time. This software is not difficult to use and allows you to modify and access every note of your voice. The altered voice can sound younger, more masculine, more in-depth, higher, older, feminine, or changed in a way you prefer. It emphasizes a batch file called Morpher, which processes all selected audio data at the same time. It gives different kinds of voice effects, and also the custom voice effect created by you is named as a peculiar voice that can be saved and accessed at any time.

Voice Changer with Effects

Voice Changer with Effects application can be found on Google Play Store and can be used to alter your voice. You can apply effects on your voice, record them, and share with Your friends. The app has more than forty voice effects such as Giant, Monster, Helium, alien, Extra-terrestrial, Robot, Squirrel, and more. It also includes some exciting features like producing voice from text and producing an image with sound.


Since some of the Best Voice Changers for Discord are free, you can decide to try each of them out first before choosing the one you find suitable. There may also be some compatibility issues as some will work on Android devices, Windows devices, or iOS devices, while some may not. Even though the voice changers listed here are for Discord, they can also work on the other platforms. You can download the Discord Voice Changer based on the kind of vocal effects they offer and their features.

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