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Discord Bots | Best Discord Bots to Enhance Your Server

Your search for Best Discord Bots, ends here!!! 

If you have a Discord server and want to offer more possibilities to the users who frequent it, bots are a great option. There are cool Discord bots of all kinds, from those that offer specific information on different topics or help you organize contests and raffles, to those that you can use to put music and thus provide a “soundtrack” to the server.

What is a Discord Bot

If you are an Internet user, of this type of platform or simply have your own profile on certain social networks, then surely the term bot is something already known. It is a computer program designed to automatically execute certain tasks. In short, a bot is used today for all kinds of functions, from automated assistance, such as customer service for followers on social networks, etc.

In the video games sector, useful discord bots also play an important role, since they are used to provide certain functions to players in online games since they are capable of being programmed to comply with the rules of a specific game and make decisions for themselves.

Why use a bot in Discord

Taking into account that the basic function of a bot is to make certain decisions automatically, in the case of online chat systems such as Discord. It is very common to install this type of software to create a kind of assistant capable of interacting with the participants of a channel or server automatically.

So much so, that nowadays it is something common to find a bot in many of our tasks. A software capable of welcoming us to any platform, service, or server and even guide us automatically with the steps to follow to start using it and get the most out of it.

In chat systems such as Discord, a tool that allows players to communicate with each other through private servers and in which we can exchange messages with other players, avoids having to have a person who is watching each channel during all hours of the day.

These are some of the tasks that a bot can perform in Discord:

  • Welcome new members
  • Offer them step to step guide
  • Automatic moderation of channels and chats
  • Offer automatic answers to the most common questions
  • Give information about the rules of a community.
  • Offer a series of reminders and announcements on a regular or scheduled basis
  • Define certain custom commands
  • Promote certain activities automatically
  • etc…

Best Bots for Discord

There are so many cool Discord bots that it can be a little difficult to decide when to invite them to the server and start working with them. That is why we have created this list with some of the best bots for Discord that you can use now.


Its name, TypicalBot, seems to suggest that it has nothing worthwhile, but nothing is further from reality. It is one of the most complete and easy to use bots that you can find in Discord. This Discord bot has earned it the great fame it has.

Playing music with different types of permissions so that only some users can change the playlist or play songs, mini-games, automatic moderation options, the possibility of giving important information such as ServerID or ChannelID, etc …


Dyno is one of the most complete and used bots on the platform. It offers a lot of different features, among which are: 100% configurable automatic moderation, antispam, music player, custom commands, reminders, announcements, role assignment, etc, etc …

Furthermore, Dyno is available in two different versions. A completely free and a premium one that adds some extra features such as auto channel cleaning, premium music, or a more advanced text editor.


MEE6 is another of the heavyweights in Discord. One of the most popular options to add functions such as welcome messages, custom commands, gamification with levels and experience on the server, moderation system, notifications from Twitch, Youtube and Reddit, etc …

In addition, there is also a premium version of the bot that adds additional functions such as recorder for server conversations, music player, or music games among others.


Organizing sweepstakes and contests is a very good way to increase attention and also to get more people to decide to join your server. If you want to implement these strategies or if you simply want to do a spot draw, GiveawayBot is what you need.

It is an open-source robot that through a series of simple commands can organize different types of draws. By using it, you will ensure that channel members are not suspicious of possible tricks in the draws and that everything works more transparently.


A very high percentage of Discord users are gamers, so if your server does this, it makes perfect sense to invite Steambot.

Thanks to it you will be able to be aware of everything that happens around the gaming platform. Receive notifications with new offers, get information about games, statistical data, check usernames, etc …


WildBeast is another very complete bot that adds a lot of possibilities to any Discord server. Among its most important features, you can find the possibility of playing music from YouTube or SoundCloud or integration with XKCD to search for comics from the channel itself.

But not only that, it also has other functions such as the possibility of moderating channels (banner, mutate or eject …), preconfigured messages, role management, search for NSFW images, etc …

Dank Memer

Dank Memer is one of the bots that have the most presence on Discord servers and is exclusively designed to entertain server members.

Although it seems simple, this bot offers more than 260 different commands with which you can request all kinds of memes, but you can also create your own memes or challenge your friends to different games.


Gamestats is another bot totally focused on gamers. Its main function is to share all your statistics with other members of the server in a simple way.

For this you will have to register your alias in the games you want to share and the bot will be able to collect information about your progress. Among the compatible games, you can find Overwatch, CS: GO, League of Legends, DOTA2, Wolrd of Warcraft among many other titles. Platforms such as Steam, Xbox Live, or PlayStation Network are also available.


Rythm is undoubtedly the most widely used music bot, and it offers great versatility and an easy-to-use interface. It is capable of playing music from platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, or Twitch and the developers themselves assure that it is a bot with great performance and without lag, both in the music and in the bot itself.

Therefore, if we are thinking of putting music on our Discord server, Rythm is undoubtedly the most complete option. In addition to playing music, the bot itself is even capable of searching for the lyrics of each song and sharing it.


Ayana is gaining ground on Discord’s servers, and there is a good reason for that. Not only does it provide moderation tools, just like MEE6, but it sets your server with varied music, reactions, and funny images. Of course, the main focus is on music.

With Ayana, you can listen to music from YouTube, Twitch, Soundcloud, among others. You do not need to configure because, by inviting it to your server, you will be more than prepared to give joy to all your people. In addition, it is a bot that is almost always active and is still in development.


If you look for bots on pages on the Internet, many of them have some interaction or function related to Twitch. However, if you want a full service of this streaming platform on your server, nothing better than TwitchBot!

With it, all your users will be able to closely follow what happens on Twitch, through notifications and alerts. You will know when a streamer is active, in addition to being able to listen to him in voice chat together with your friends and share video clips on the same server.

Other features are that you can share statistics from games like Fortnite or Overwatch. You will see which are the most popular games on this platform, as well as the streamers that have the most audience. 


If you think you need to buy or download a game to enjoy an MMORPG, you are wrong! With IdleRPG, you will have a complete Discord experience. This bot allows you to create a character, choose a class, and launch into infinite adventures. You can enter clans and participate in the famous raids. It has everything!


Nadeko is another very complete bot that covers many features. It has a system of games of chance, exchange, and theft of coins, and gives the possibility for users to gain experience and level up.

Nadeko has many game-related commands, be it to look at statistics, know if a streamer connects, or play Trivia with your friends. It also incorporates features to put music or content totally NSFW. And, while it may seem surreal and funny, you can also earn waifus!

Discord Translator

This bot is simple to explain but very powerful and useful. Discord Translator will allow you to communicate with people around the world more easily, removing that language barrier. In the world of games, especially online games, talking to each other is essential for victory.

With this bot, it will be easier to plan strategies or make meetings with people from different countries. No more confusion!

Summary – Useful Discord Bots

I’ve listed all the top Discord Bots that can enhance your servicer capabilities while multitasking. These Discord Bots are cool and useful in for all type of users let it be a gamer or programmer.

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