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Best iPhone Apps for Ringtones in 2024

iPhone Apps for Ringtones – Changing your iPhone’s wallpaper or ringtone is a good practice if you are seeking for a change. Most users know how to manage and edit photos. For sound, it’s a little more complicated.

Those integrated into the iPhone are not very successful. And even after adding a few music tracks, the device does not allow you to set the part you like as a ringtone the part you like. For this, the developers have thought of designing a ringtone app on the iPhone to help you download, mix, or cut your favorite ringtones. These are certainly not up to par with sound processing software. They can, however, give you satisfaction. Let’s see the best ringtones apps for iPhone.

iPhone Ringtone Apps

The best Apps for iPhone Ringtones are:

  • Ringtones and wallpapers
  • Tuunes Ringtone
  • Ringtone Maker
  • Cool Ringtones
  • AnyTrans for iOS
  • Ringtones for iPhone
  • Scary Ringtones +
  • Audiko ringtones
  • Zedge Ringtone
  • Comedy ringtones

Ringtones and wallpapers

The name is a bit strange for an app for iPhone ringtone. It is available for download from the App Store. The program is used for processing photos but what interests us is the small studio for fans of sound. Ringtones and wallpapers offer several features to users.

First, it is compatible with iTunes. It is therefore possible to synchronize the music between the application and the famous software previously mentioned. An assembly table will allow you to freely choose the starting point and the end of the possible ringing. Without forgetting the possibility of making a voice recording to apply it for a specific contact.

Downloading this application is free. However, several modules are chargeable. You cannot take advantage of all the features in a free version. Pity.

Tuunes Ringtone

This time, we offer you a completely free ringtone app on iPhone. With Tuunes Ringtones, you can choose from existing ringtones on the iPhone or in the application library. The latter contains a wide variety of tones that you can associate with each of your contacts.

It is also possible to change the ringtones for notifications and messages. No mixer or effects mixer, unfortunately. The application wants to keep its simple style for the benefit of users who want to avoid complexity.

Ringtone Maker

Many of you may know the website with the same name. The latter is a ringtone manager and the application belongs to the same theme. It is dedicated to iPhone users.

Unlike the programs mentioned above, this one is a powerful generator of ringtones. You just have to select the audio file of your choice and choose in order to start applying the necessary adjustments. The application supports several integrated editing functions with several background effects.

In addition, the user can modify the reading speed but also the singer’s voice if there is one. It is one of the best ringtone apps for iPhone. It is highly recommended.

Cool Ringtones

Still on free applications, Cool Ringtones allows you to edit the tones of your calls, messages and any other notification received. On the other hand, to go further, you have to pay in order to obtain a few modules.

The application scans your phone’s music library. Consequently, it puts at your disposal all the titles to create ringtones. Regarding the editing functions, it is possible to control the final volume of the tone but also add some effects at the beginning and at the end of the music. The program is cool as the name suggests. Why not try it?

AnyTrans for iOS

To get more powerful features, you have to change your concept. AnyTrans for iOS is originally a file manager. Its main mission is to ensure reliable exchange of data between the Apple phone and the computer. However, it also plays the role of a ringtone app on iPhone.

The software can import music from multiple sources. This is obvious for the phone and the computer but it is also compatible with iTunes. Finally, if you like music on any web page, just put its link to the software. AnyTrans for iOS will download it and apply it as a ringtone to your iPhone.

For the settings, the software offers the possibility of cutting the desired extract from the song. You can, therefore, choose the start point of the ringtone as well as the endpoint. Several other benefits are included in this program. We let you discover them by downloading AnyTrans for iOS.

Ringtones for iPhone

With this app, you can add new ringtones to your iPhone via three ways.

First, it is possible to import the complete audio library from the phone. In addition, you can synchronize the application with iTunes software. The application will automatically convert MP3 files to ringtones. And finally, it has a voice recorder that can save tones with the microphone of the iPhone.

Other interesting features exist. This is the case with the editing tool to blend the sound in and out, modify the volume, and cut the tones. Without forgetting the possibility of sharing the exported files on social networks.

Scary Ringtones +

Is there an app for lovers of scary tones?

It’s strange but the answer is yes. The concept of this application is based on ringtones that are horrifying. It offers a large number of songs on this theme. They are pre-downloaded but the list is regularly updated with new features.

These ringtones are applicable for calls, alarms, and all kinds of notifications. Scary Ringtones + is not the most powerful program, but its concept makes it worth trying.

Audiko ringtones

Audiko ringtones is a ringtone manager app that lets you create your own songs right on your iPhone. So there is no need to download music from the web.

You can use your favorite songs, movie credits, or any other file that contains sound. The app is easy to use and allows you to import snapshots from your iTunes music library.

In addition to having the possibility of creating your own ringtone, you can also browse a large number of pre-existing songs in order to find the right pick for each contact. It should be noted that the maximum length of the audio clip created by Audiko ringtones does not exceed 30 seconds.

Zedge Ringtone

This application is a real database. It is not a simple iPhone ringtone application. Several users compare it with iTunes.

Zedge Ringtone lets you download multiple music tracks and turn them into ringtones. There is integrated a module to achieve some effects on sound clips. All of these features are free, but you can further improve the app by purchasing the paid version.

Zedge is also an application used to touch up photos. However, this module does not interest us in today’s article.

Comedy ringtones

Like Scary Ringtones, this application specializes in a very particular style: funny ringtones. It may be strange, but Comedy Ringtones can make you happy with every call you receive. All the tones of the application are cheerful which can be used on iPhones of small children. Excellent sound quality.

The application has more than a hundred different ringtones. They are small, which makes the program memory intensive. You can apply the ringtones for any use like an alarm or SMS notification. Comedy Ringtones are to be tried at least when you feel uncomfortable.

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Conclusion – Apps for iPhone Ringtones

Ringtone apps on iPhone make changing the tones of your phone much easier. They allow you to add effects to your favorite music. 

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