4 Most Common Smartphone Problems And How To Fix Them

Today smartphones have become one of the essential things because of their compatibility. Users can take it anywhere anytime to make payments, click pictures, book a cab or order food online. Life might become complicated without a smartphone. Although it is useful on the one hand, it has some disadvantages as well because it has made people lazy. So users should make sure to use it for emergency purposes.

Everything has gone digital, and to make things easy, people can use these smartphones. Other than critical uses, anyone can prefer visiting the physical store to purchase food or other items that they prefer to have in their day to day life. Initially, we had smartphones which just had some basic applications, but today due to advancements, people can find a lot of impressive and useful applications on smartphones.

So due to this, the smartphone will slow down and hang all the time. Latest smartphones are provided with sufficient RAM and internal storage, but what about the old phone that has 8GB and 16 GB of internal storage? So people can find some common phone repair hacks in this article, so stay connected till the end.

Finding And Fixing The Common Smartphone Problems

Usually, problems with smartphones might be a great headache for people who prefer to use them. An expert can only rectify critical problems like phone breakage and software problems, but the user himself can rectify small problems.

1. Storage Space Issues

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Storage space issues are the most common problem that users face while using a smartphone. This might happen in old smartphones with 8 to 16 GB of overall space. Even a mobile phone with 128GB of storage capacity might run out of storage after installing all the essential applications and songs that people prefer to use.

Some amount of storage will be blocked in stock, and this is for storing some important information in the phone. Some important applications in stock might stop working when the data is overloaded. Sometimes the phone might stop suddenly, and apps might hang, which is a sign of clearing the storage space.

Cloud storage has reduced the burden, but people cannot store all the files on the cloud, so in this situation, users should make sure to have some extra space on their mobile phones. To rectify this problem, users can install files by google application available in the play store.

This application allows people to find duplicate items that are stored on their mobile phones. So by knowing the duplicate items, users can easily delete them without any issues.

Installing an external SD card might also help people in making the smartphone work well. Anyone can choose the preferred company SD card and insert it into the mobile phone to transfer some files into the SD card.

2. Rectifying wifi Issues

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Sometimes users will find it difficult to connect wifi because of some common network issues in the mobile phones. These network issues can be rectified by formatting the network settings or restoring to default network settings. If the issue still persists, then make sure to reset your mobile.

The factory data reset option is available in stock, so make sure to use this option and reset the entire device; this might rectify the problem. Sometimes people might not be able to connect with wifi due to range issues, so try connecting the wifi after getting close to the router. This might help people to connect with high-speed wifi.

Sometimes the wifi receiver in mobile phones might malfunction, so users can easily replace it with a new wifi receiver by hiring an expert. While purchasing a wifi receiver, people should make sure to purchase an authorised receiver that has a service or replacement warranty.

3. Heating Issues

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Overheating is one of the most common issues that people face while using a smartphone. This might be because of people’s heavy applications on their mobile phones. These heavy apps might consume a lot of RAM and CPU space, resulting in heating issues.

This heating problem can be recited by clearing some heavy apps or providing sufficient rest to your mobile phone. Some people might prefer to use the mobile phone while charging, so make sure to avoid using mobile phones while charging. Usually, mobile phones might heat while charging, but excessive heating might be a sign of over-usage charging the mobile phone.

One more important factor that can cool down the mobile phone is placing the mobile at room temperature. Sometimes excessive sunlight from windows might also cause the phone to overheat, so make sure to place the mobile phone away from sunlight.

4. Wrong Words From Autocorrect Option

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Autocorrect is one of the essential features of a smartphone, which allows people to correct wrong spellings while typing in WhatsApp or any other messaging applications. The words that people type might be stored in the mobile phone automatically. Some people might type a word with the wrong spelling because they are in a hurry.

So people can just enter the keyboard settings and long-press the word to delete the word with ease. Autocorrect options will be a most useful hack in critical situations. People can easily select the word as it might pop out when they enter the first letter of that particular word.

Today each and every office-related information is communicated through messages and emails. People might use a laptop to craft an impressive email during office hours. Still, while the laptop is away, people usually prefer to use a mobile phone for emails and messaging purposes. So make sure to store the right word in your mobile dictionary.

Final Words

Now people might have a better idea of common smartphone problems and their rectification methods. So make sure to implement these remedies if you find any of the problems mentioned above in your mobile phone. Users who find it difficult to rectify these problems can easily visit an expert to rectify their problems.