8 Step Instagram Marketing Strategy to Drive More Sales

Instagram is a vital part of any digital marketing campaign, and it’s hardly surprising considering that this social media platform is growing at a scorching pace. Instagram has helped several brands scale their business to higher levels and is a preferred e-commerce sales hub. If your Instagram marketing strategy is not generating sales, here are the steps to help you win on Instagram:

Focus On Product-Related Posts

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Posts related to products are popular on Instagram, and your strategy should not ignore this. However, just any post won’t do. Try using photos in vibrant settings or videos to promote your products.

With online tools like InVideo, you can create professional product-related videos in 5 minutes! You don’t need any experience to make videos, and there are many templates you can select. Depending on your product, you can choose any Instagram video format from Boomerang to mini-commercials.

What sells the best on Instagram is user-generated content where viewers can see customers enjoying your products. Asking followers to share their brand loyalty also acts as a call to action.

Leverage Your Creativity

You require a unique marketing strategy to create an impact on Instagram. It is essential if you want a higher following. A wider following means more opportunities to sell.

What sets brands apart is their color scheme, so make sure every post uses the colors of your brand. If you are posting a video, edit the video till you are satisfied with the final product using the Instagram Video Editor. The better the content, the higher the engagement.

Humor, inspiration, motivation work well on Instagram, so use them individually or jointly as part of your strategy based on your forte. Take your creativity to the next level using templates, fonts, music, animation, and colors available on InVideo.

Use Relevant Hashtags

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To boost your Instagram post, you need the right hashtags. Hashtags help potential customers find you and existing customers to share your brand. Fans can share their latest purchases using hashtags and promote your brand.

Apart from brand-specific hashtags, don’t forget to use industry and community-related hashtags for brand visibility. Instagram allows you 30 posts, but it’s advisable not to go overboard with hashtags. For best results, one or two hashtags apart from the one that relates to your brand will do.

Hashtags and Instagram complement each other. To get the most out of your hashtags, try to target smaller communities.

Build on User-Generated Content

Customer photos are your biggest testimonial and will help in building your brand on Instagram. Manually requesting your followers for permission to share user-generated content or UGC is not the best method to collect them.

A more efficient way to get UGC would be through curation tools on Instagram. You can get all the content you need without seeking the permission of your followers and use it as many times as you need.

Optimize Sales With Instagram Stories

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Whether it’s an impromptu selfie or a creatively designed product post including a call to action, Instagram Stories let you do all this and more. The number of users of Instagram Stories is growing rapidly, and you need to use it in your marketing campaign.

Since Stories keeps updating its features and stickers, you need to check what you can use for your clients. Followers feel they are part of your community when you use quiz stickers to ask for their opinion about your product.

Channelize Traffic to Your Website

You can drive traffic to your website using your Instagram bio link. However, a general home page link won’t get you the ROI you need. Your website should be mobile-optimized since most Instagram users download content on their mobile phones.

A landing page that is Instagram-specific or mobile-optimized ensures a smooth shopping experience and tracks the conversion of your followers. The landing page should be easily scrollable and clickable.  Understand the behavior of your followers through Bitly links.

Use Instagram Ads for Your Best-Selling Products

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The next logical step in your Instagram marketing campaign would be Instagram Ads. These ads help in focused marketing to target specific followers. This works especially well for retail brands and e-commerce.

You need to know the proper dimensions for both your paid and organic ads to optimize returns. Combine your best-selling product with your most-trending Instagram Posts to boost product visibility. Try a product carousel using photos from your Instagram feed.

Bond With Influencers

Influencers command a strong following on social media platforms and grab a higher following. You can tie up with one on Instagram. Your brand gets introduced to a new group of followers through a well-known face. Brands of all sizes have benefited from this strategy.

You need to choose influencers depending on the type of product you need to market. The influencer should be a following in the industry that you are part of. This ensures that the followers of the Instagram influencer form part of your target audience.

Final Thoughts

Instagram has emerged as a preferred digital marketing medium among the different social media platforms. To share your existing products with new customers or new products with your current clients, Instagram has some innovative features.

A goal-oriented marketing strategy is required to succeed on Instagram. It would include attention-grabbing posts and engaging videos with the right hashtags. Make sure that you optimize the popular Instagram tools like Stories and Ads to scale your business.

Creating stunning videos is easy. However, a storyboard is necessary to ensure that your video has a flow and call-to-action trigger at the end. Add a shoppable video so that the user can directly go to your product page and make a purchase.