What Are TV Antenna Signal Boosters And How Do They Work

TV antenna signal boosters are convenient pieces of technology that make it easier to get clearer audio and video when watching television. These gadgets are essential for rural areas where poor signal affects the quality of audio and video.

Throughout the years, these gadgets have made it possible to extend the receiving range around 100 miles in each direction. This is precisely why they’re so essential in some areas. But that’s not the be-all and end-all of TV signal boosters.

In this article, we will dive a bit deeper into the subject and explain how they work.

What Is A TV Antenna Signal Booster?

Households are still using TV antennas to get access to quality television. This isn’t anything new, as a TV antenna can get you access to thousands of television channels. But it’s safe to say that the video and audio quality largely depends on many factors.

If the quality is negatively affected, you need to find a way to make it clearer. You do this by using a TV antenna signal booster. This is a gadget that goes into your digital antenna and into your television. With the use of this gadget, you will solve the problem of weak analog signals. A weak signal will make the video grainy or snowy and will make the audio cut off.

This isn’t something you want, as it makes your television viewing experience a poor one. So by using a booster, you solve plenty of problems that digital antennas face. All that’s left is for you to set it up. But first, how do these gadgets actually work?

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How Does A Signal Booster Work?

To explain how the gadget works, we have to explain how digital antennas work. While digital antennas do give you a wide selection of channels to view, it all depends on the signal that is being broadcasted to your antenna. If the signal is poor, then you won’t have many of these channels. In addition, you face the same issue of audio and video problems.

By eliminating the reception issue, you make it possible to utilize most of your digital antenna. Not only does this gadget amplify the signal in all directions, but it eliminates plenty of issues such as bad weather and terrain. Since the signal doesn’t travel through mountains, a booster will eliminate the problem by increasing the receiving range.

This is precisely why a signal booster is essential for rural areas where hills and mountains prevent you from watching quality television. While this explains how signal boosters work in general, we have to further discuss the types of boosters that exist.

Each one comes with its own set of advantages and each one has a particular use case. But a signal booster won’t matter if you don’t hire the right people and install the TV antenna properly. For that, make sure to visit mikeharrisaerialandsatellite.co.uk. Now, let’s see what types of signal boosters exist.

Types of Signal Boosters

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• Masthead Booster

As the name suggests, a masthead booster is meant to be installed very close to the mast of the television. The good thing about them is that they are some of the very best when it comes to providing a signal boost indoor. Regardless of the type of antenna, this gadget will make it easier to improve the quality of audio and video.

One huge advantage is that they are waterproof, meaning they can be installed outside and face no problems with rain.

• Indoor Boosters

This is a very common type of booster. What makes an indoor booster so popular is the fact that you can achieve your goal by installing it close to the television and to the antenna. Although, for better results, you should consider adding it closer to the aerial antenna.

With 2 outputs, an indoor booster works perfectly with an aerial antenna. They’re not as good with indoor antennas as the signal cannot run into any interference.

• Distribution Booster

The last type that we’ll mention works differently than both indoor and masthead boosters. Unlike those, this particular type allows you to connect it with multiple televisions without needing to buy a separate box. In a sense, this particular type splits the signal and through a series of cables, it makes it possible for multiple TVs to get quality television.

How To Get the Best Of Your Antenna

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Even though we know precisely why we need one, there are many advantages to going with a TV booster. But we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to talk about getting the most out of your antenna.

A signal booster is absolutely the best way to get the most out of your antenna. Without one, you won’t reach the same ranges. That could be the difference between watching quality television and television that constantly cuts off.

But even so, there are plenty of things to do to get the most of your antenna. One is to go with a quality aerial TV installation company that sells quality antennas and knows how to properly install one.

Since these are professionals who know their way around an antenna, they will recommend the best model for your situation. If you live in particularly rural areas, they will explain why going with a better antenna is worth your money.

Not only that, but they will install the model the right way. They will point it in the right direction and install it as high as it needs to be to get the best reception.

In addition to offering a signal booster, a professional aerial TV installation company knows how to get the best out of your antenna.


There isn’t a more convenient way to get the level of quality when watching television than to use a signal booster. Not only are these gadgets convenient and small, but they will solve all of your TV signal problems. So what are you waiting for, get a TV antenna signal booster and get access to all the television channels you’ve always wanted.