4 Most Challenging Raid Bosses in World of Warcraft Shadowlands

Video games have a special place in our hearts, and rightfully so, especially as these modern ones are so realistic and fun. There are many genres, but among all video games, one emerges as the most popular and the one that people often pick as the best there ever was, and yes, we are talking about World of Warcraft. Now, the eighth and latest expansion of this game, Shadowlands, took everything to a whole new level with many new features and, what’s even more important, new and much more difficult bosses. That is why we created the list of the most challenging raid bosses in WoW Shadowlands, just to be prepared.

Fallen Avatar

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What makes The Fallen Avatar even more interesting is that it is not the final boss of any raid, but it is more than deserved on this list. It is pretty challenging to win because of many random elements, and it requires certain skills and patience. Getting too close to this boss can result in a huge amount of damage, and because of that, it is possible to win only with full strength or hope that players with low health will not be closer than they should be.

Mythic Uu’nat

Source: wowpedia.fandom.com

When we start with this one, you know that we are not messing around, as this one is probably the most difficult raid boss to defeat, tactically speaking. Namely, there are two main aspects that make Mythic Uu’nat so hard, and the first one is that it is such a tactically complex boss, and you will need the best performance from the whole raid party to defeat him. The second part of it is that the whole party needs to stay alive until the very end in order to get a chance to defeat this boss, and these two combined make Mythic Uu’nat such a difficult opponent.


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What makes Ragnaros one of the most difficult bosses to win is the fact that it requires more than twenty minutes for almost every guild to beat him. It is a job for the whole crew, and even one or two dead players can make it impossible, and we all know how difficult it can be to keep the group together to the final fight. Twenty minutes is not a small amount of time, especially if we need to stay focused and concentrated, which makes this boss hard even for the most experienced players.


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When we speak about bosses who can hold a huge number of attempts, Garrosh is on the top of that list. Even ten people playing together can have problems beating them, which makes it one of the most challenging bosses of all time. The only way to defeat him is to be perfectly synchronized with other players from the group and have the correct timing for attacking., It is not easy at all, as we speak of a group that contains at least ten people. Even then, it is not possible to win in less than 15 minutes of the constant fight.

The bottom line

Defeating bosses can be a real nightmare, especially if you meet some of the most difficult ones, and if you need help in beating them, buy Sepulcher boost.