Which IT job is in demand in New Zealand in 2024

Searching for a job is much easier today than any time before, and it’s mostly because most of the things are based online, meaning that we can do most of the work from the comfort of our homes. Of course, certain industries cannot switch to remote work, but everything online based can, and a great thing about this is that new job opportunities pop up every day. The IT sector is highly admired and precious to every business, and this field is something every business owner wants to be top-notch. Now, since that’s the case, it’s nothing unusual that there is a high demand for many IT roles.

Take NZ as an example, as here, the need for various IT experts is growing every year. Understandably, it’s about the industry because it’s rapidly advancing, which just means more job opportunities. On the other hand, before making any decision, it’s good to know which IT jobs in New Zealand are in demand and are better paid, so let’s start.

Web design

web Design

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Okay, this is a pretty obvious one, as today, in order to successfully run any business, you simply need to have a website and a great one, for that matter. Most of the things we do today are based online, and you cannot progress if you don’t adapt to these changes in time, with owning a well-designed website being one of those things. On the other hand, the Internet provides plenty of opportunities, along with so many ways to be unique and stand out, and having an exceptional website is the first step. All these things mean that the current NZ market seeks skilled people in this field, and for someone with exceptional attention to detail and a great understanding of programming languages, finding a job here will not be a problem. In addition, this job position is in high demand everywhere, which also means a higher pay rate. All the factors point out that if you have experience in web design, this is your time to shine.

Information security


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Online safety and security are one of the most talked about topics, and rightfully so. Namely, we all use and are dependent on technology and being online, regardless if it is work-related or not, which means that most of our data is stored online as well. Overall, there is too much sensitive and private data that we share on a daily basis, meaning that in order to protect it, we need great encryption and top-notch security. That is why there is such a high demand for information security managers, as there is always something new to add or change in order to increase data security.

Above all, this is a field that’s constantly evolving, and as the tech advances, so must the level of information security, which is why this is one of the most promising future jobs. As for why pick NZ as your to-go option, this country has great programs for ex-pats and the IT sector in general. On the other hand, studies have shown that this industry will grow more than 30% in the next couple of years, which only means that we are yet to expect a shortage of information security experts. The salary is yet another important factor, and you will be glad to know that this position is among the highest paying ones.

Java Developer


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Everything revolves around this programming language, even though there are so many new ones today. That says a lot about Java, its purpose and greatness, and those who really know their way around it should never have to worry about job opportunities, especially in NZ. Namely, there are so many job roles and options available, and yes, you have guessed it right, it’s yet another well-paid job. Besides all that, with practice, experience, and a will to learn and advance, one can provide themselves with a much better-paying job. As for the terms and requirements, most companies seek experienced professionals, but education and skill matter too.

IT architect


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It’s pretty clear that the higher the role, the higher the demand for it will be, and these positions are some of the best-paid ones in NZ too. Of course, the higher the role, the higher the responsibility as well, but if you have experience in this field, that is not going to be a problem. Having proper education and a degree in this field is always appreciable because it will grant a higher salary, but in most cases, it is also a requirement. Besides that, experience in this field is highly valued, and the only thing that might seem like a problem is that most companies usually seek those with 10+ years of experience.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

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Yes, this one might not be the first thing you thought about when searching for IT positions, but this entire industry is of such vast importance that we simply had to find a place for it on this list. Proper advertising has always been of vast importance, but today, we simply cannot imagine running any business without an exceptional marketing campaign. That’s where the position of a marketing manager pops up, as it is of vast importance to every company. Of course, it is also one of the highest-paid jobs in NZ, and if your portfolio stands out, then even education and not having a bachelor’s degree in this field will not be a problem. This industry is on the rise, and that trend will not stop anytime soon, which just means even more higher-paid opportunities.


The IT sector is a crucial element in running any kind of business today, and it’s something that impacts every industry. Now, every country seeks experts in this field, with NZ being one of them, and hopefully, this list of IT jobs in demand in New Zealand should come in pretty handy. Overall, everything IT-related has a bright future, and if IT is the path you want to take, NZ is sort of a promised land for it.