9 Computer Science Careers That Don’t Involve Coding

Computer science is among the lucrative fields with much promise of growth. With various companies looking to make the most of the vast systems and developments, professionals within the fields of computer science are bound to make a killing.

However, many people do not consider a computer science career as they do not fancy the heavy coding typical of the field. You could be forgiven for buying into the stereotype sold by movies and popular books that computer science is all about writing code.

Here, we will look at nine computer science careers that don’t involve coding. Feel free to engage a class taker to keep your activities flowing as you sit back and enlighten yourself on possible careers in computer science that don’t need coding.

1. Game testing

Also known as beta testers or quality assurance testers, game testers are high in demand due to the increasing popularity of video games. The increased competition in the billion-dollar field calls for glitch-free products to ensure that you retain a competitive edge.

Game testers are thus tasked with playing games under development to pinpoint various glitches. These individuals try various permutations in gameplay, troubleshooting errors and providing essential feedback for the developers.

A degree in video game design is essential to offer you an insight into the game dynamics, helping you identify bugs and glitches common in games. This career is projected to grow in the coming years and attracts an annual stipend of $31, 490.

2. Technical journalism

Source: medium.com

With much going on in the technical field, many individuals rely on journalists’ insight to keep track of technology trends and development in policies. This itch is satisfied by technical journalists.

A technical journalist is responsible for making product reviews and blogs and endorsing various products for their audience. The specialists thus bridge the gap between businesses and their customers, exposing different products and concerns in the technical field.

The professionals may command an annual salary of up to $87,900, depending on their authority and specialization. A degree in journalism or any technical field may come in handy to help you command authority in a niche within this field.

3. Graphic designer

Graphic design is a popular career in computer science with a huge demand ranging from blogs, logo design, and the creation of illustrations for various media. Individuals in this field are tasked with mastering various editing software to make engaging resources.

Studying graphic design may lead to career paths such as art directing, freelance design, packaging design, and photo editing. A testament to the marketability of this niche is the $50,375 annual salary estimate, and 4% projected growth in the next five years.

4. SEO Specialists

Source: simplilearn.com

A modern trend in business is the rush for institutions and companies to build an online presence. SEO specialists come in handy for developing content plans, performing keyword research, and conducting competitive analysis.

This data informs their content and link-building campaigns, ensuring higher authority over competitors in the same niche. These specialists should be fluent with various web analytics tools to perform data-driven research and employ reliable solutions.

Owing to the relevance of SEO in the online arena, it is no surprise that SEO specialists rake in an estimated $54,550 annually.

5. Data analyst

Data analysis is an essential career in computer science that enables a company to collect and interpret data to solve various problems. The professionals in this field gather data from surveys and databases and model it for easy interpretation by the management.

Analysts also play a crucial role in designing data systems and preparing data-driven predictions for companies. Data analysts attract as much as $69, 517 annually and work in fields ranging from medicine, market research, and operations research.

6. System Administration

System administration is another popular computer science career that doesn’t need coding. With a salary estimate of $84, 801 this option ranks among the lucrative career options in information technology.

These administrators manage, troubleshoot, and maintain computer servers and networks. The professionals in these fields are responsible for conducting security tests, creating and managing system permissions and user accounts, and monitoring network infrastructures.

This field demands vast operating systems, hardware, cloud computing, and network infrastructure knowledge. A certification in windows server administration, red hat system, or CompTIA server+ is enough to start a career in system administration.

7. Information Architect

Source: magazine.arma.org

Information architecture is a vital career in computer science. The field enables the building of infrastructures and models to show how the digital space is used.

The field involves responsibilities like:

  • Technical writing and graphical representation
  • Data analysis for informed business methods
  • Prototype development
  • Evaluation of information architecture

These elements are crucial for ensuring efficiency at various levels of an organization. Entry into this field requires a degree in design, advertisement, or expertise in copywriting and graphic design.

8. Computer support specialists

Computer support specialists are responsible for troubleshooting problems in networks, hardware software, and operating systems. These IT specialists also install and perform hardware training and help companies manage their systems.

Like the former, a CompTIA certification is adequate to start a career in this field. The annual salary for computer support specialists ranges from $50,000 to $80,000, depending on the location and level of skills.

9. Technical writing

Source: mediabistro.com

There is a high demand for technical writing skills, from product documentation and product reviews to product manuals. Technical writers are quickly tasked with condensing various technical processes and terms for a layperson to follow.

Like bloggers, technical writers require skills in communication, graphical presentation, and mastery of a specific niche. The annual salary for technical writers is estimated at $115,000. However, this value may vary depending on your authority in your field and ability to market your skills.

Final Take

The nine options above are some famous, on-demand computer science careers that don’t involve coding. If you are looking to pursue any of these career options, we recommend that you take various certifications to enhance your mastery and gain a competitive edge over your counterparts.