The Trends in Smart Home Devices

A smart home is nothing but a home equipped with smart devices that minimize human effort and connect all home devices to the internet. The best part about smart devices is that they are also compatible with one another. All these smart appliances make your home more comfortable, amusing, and safe. You can control all the smart devices with the help of your mobile app or virtual assistant through voice commands.

This article features the latest trends in smart home devices that are available in the market as researched by smart home expert

The trends in smart home devices


Smart Home Speakers

You can play music and listen to news and sports scores with the help of smart speakers; and with voice assistant technology, they can also be compatible with all smart devices. Smart speakers are beautifully designed and have a surprisingly immersive sound. You can get a variety of smart speakers available in the market and they have a built-in woofer and dual tweeters with a Dolby tech smart home hub with ZigBee compatibility. A smart speaker is not only an excellent speaker but also a powerful smart home hub. Some of the speakers are even crafted from recycled aluminum, fabric, and plastics.

Smart Thermostat

With the help of a virtual assistant like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, etc. you can easily control your smart thermostat through voice command or you can use your mobile app to do it. It can automatically control the temperature of your home as per your requirement. Most smart thermostats have Built-in smart speakers. It uses room sensors to monitor the temperature throughout your home. Depending on the size of your living space, you can connect multiple sensors for the best results.

Smart Home Security Camera System

The security of your home is a very important thing. Nowadays, most of the time all family members are working and kids are going to school and college. So, no one is there to take care of the home. A smart security camera system with great features can assure the security of your house.

Most smart home security camera systems are compatible with all popular virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant and you can also control them by using mobile apps. All smart home security camera systems have good storage for video streaming, a wide-angle field of view, and a built-in spotlight. This device can alert you when its cameras automatically detect activity and it can activate a built-in siren or allow you to contact emergency services if you need.

Smart Locks


A smart lock is an electromechanical lock that performs locking and unlocking operations on a door when it gets instruction from an authorized device. Most are compatible with all virtual assistants.

Smart locks use a mobile app that allows you to lock and unlock doors from anywhere on your phone and has a keyboard that allows you to use passwords. Some advanced smart locks also have a fingerprint scanner and this fingerprint lock can save different fingerprints of different users.

This great option allows your friends and family members to get the chance to enter the house even when you are not physically close to them. Assign virtual keys to your relatives; when the defined login time expires, the password is deleted and can no longer be used. So, at the same time, a smart lock provides security and enhances accessibility.

Smart Lighting

The smart light is compatible with all popular virtual assistants and you can control it with your mobile app. It allows users to find the perfect ambiance at all times. The starter kit includes all the essentials to get you started. It includes bulbs, a connectivity hub, and a smart button. You can easily purchase additional standalone bulbs and add them to your existing lighting setup.

Smart Air Purifier

A smart air purifier is compatible with all popular virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google home, etc. Germ shield technology protects against airborne bacteria and viruses. The smart air purifier has an LCD color display with real-time air quality indicators. Its sophisticated filter setup allows removing microscopic airborne particles as well as bacteria and viruses. You can control the air purifier via a sleek smartphone as well as with virtual assistant voice commands within its range. A large-capacity health protection variant is also available in the market.

Robot Vacuum


A robot vacuum is another trending smart home device, which is compatible with virtual assistants, and you can also control it via a mobile app.

They are sleek and quiet. It has sophisticated LIDAR navigation and room mapping tech as well as superb cleaning capabilities. You can get rid of the traditional vacuum cleaner and save your valuable time.

Smart Power Strip

A smart power strip looks like a traditional power strip but it is compatible with a virtual assistant and you can control it using the mobile app. It has built-in surge protection, and it also has a motion detector. With the help of a motion detector, it can sense that the room is empty or occupied. If there is no person nearby, it stops power to its outlet and saves the electricity.

Smart TV

Smart TV is the most popular smart home device. It is almost similar to your smartphone or tablet and has exciting online features. You can connect your smart TV with a wi-fi connection and it can get access to the internet. It is very user-friendly, you just need to click on the app you want and the page will open for you. It has a feature that allows you to control a host of compatible home appliances with voice commands as well as you can control it by pressing on the product’s sleek remote control.


Smart home devices make your life comfortable and save your time as well. All the devices are budget-friendly and you can get all the smart gadgets from your nearby store or online.

You can impress your guests with these smart devices that are compatible with a virtual assistant. So why not upgrade your ordinary home to a smart home using smart devices.