6 Common Phone Repairs You Can Easily DIY

It is not a good idea to rush every time you see any problem with your phone. There are possibilities of damage to your mobile phone in many ways. But you can do some repairs by yourself. One does not need any professional who must do all the repairs. You need to pay money for the service when you hire an expert.

But there is no need to give money to anyone if you can understand and solve some common and simple problems. In the following write-up, we will discuss common mobile phone repairs that you can easily DIY.

You can save a lot of money by not opting for repair services. If you do not know about mobiles, you can research them online and give them a try for once. If you cannot fix the problem, there is no other way to call an expert. Let us find out some common repairs that you can do yourself without any help.

1. Restoring the Charge

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Sometimes, when you try to charge the phone, and it does not work, the problem is not with the cable always. Sometimes, there is debris and dust in the charging port that prevents the proper connection of the port with the cable. The debris can block the pins and make the charging process slow. Instead of getting help from a professional, you need a safety pin to clear the pins of the charging port.

Once you clean the debris, blow the air to wipe off the dust. After that, you must try again and charge the phone again. Your phone will charge as per the expected time. But after cleaning the charging port, the charging is slow, and then you must clean the cookies in your browser. It can also slow down different processes on your mobile.

2. Cleaning the Fuzzy Noise

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Sometimes, when you hear any sound on speaker, you may hear fuzzy sounds. The voice may not be clear, and it is because of the debris and dirt in the speaker slot. You have to clean it carefully and clear all the dust from the phone. If you use a cleaner, ensure that it contains high alcohol.

You can get the solution from the market to clean and wipe the speaker slot. Once you clean the device, you will not hear any fuzzy sounds. It will be easy for you to listen to all your calls. If you go to the expert with this problem, he will charge you a lot for cleaning the device.

3. Replacing the Broken Screen Guard

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Many people prefer to use a guard to protect the screen. But it may get damaged with time and when your device falls many times. When you see it broken, ensure that you replace the old guard by the new one. If you keep using the broken screen guard, it may hurt you, or it may not provide safety to your device anymore.

You can get the guard online or from the market. You need to remove the old guard and clean the screen surface properly. After that, you need to start pasting the fresh one. It is an easy task for everyone. But make sure that you prevent air bubbles while pasting the screen guard as it allows dirt to enter between the screen and guard.

4. Treating a Soaked Phone

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There is a common technique that many people use to treat their soaked phones. They put the device in a rice bag and keep it for one or two days. Undoubtedly, rice can absorb water and help in activating your mobile. But if it gets inside the device, it can stick to some components and damage them.

Instead of using this technique, you must turn off the device immediately. After that, you must open the back cover and separate the battery. Now, you have to blow-dry to dry the external surface of the mobile.

Once you complete it, you have to keep your phone in an airtight container with silica gel sachets. It will absorb all the moisture from your device, and after a few days, you can activate your mobile.

5. Battery Replacement

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In some mobile models, you can easily replace the existing battery with a new one. But in some models of mobiles, the battery is glued to the back cover, and it is hard for you to replace the battery.

Many people go to computer repair technicians to get help.

Instead of doing it, you can go through the instructions available online regarding replacing the glued battery in the smartphone. If you get the help of an expert, you will not get any guarantee on the replacement of the battery. If you must replace it again in a few days, you need to pay again. Therefore, it is better to replace the battery by yourself.

6. Treating Signal Issues

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When you experience signal issues, the problem is with your device and not the SIM card. You have to check and clean debris on the signal receivers that may be causing signal issues. If your phone is overloaded with various applications, your device will face difficulty getting the signal.

You will see the difference when you clean the dust and clear all the useless applications. There will be no signal issues, and it will also maintain the device’s speed. It is easy to solve this problem yourself instead of getting help from a professional.

Final Thoughts

It is okay to experience common issues with your mobile phone, but you can solve them yourself. Instead of wasting money hiring professionals to repair your device, you can save your money by doing everything yourself. If you do not know much about smartphone repairs, you can explore the internet and research useful information.

You can easily learn simple repairs and get them done easily. You can repair your device and save money by investing some time and effort. The mentioned issues are quite common and are easy to resolve for anyone.