DIY Or Hire Professionals For TV Aerial Installation?

You’ve seen the great TV set you want to buy – and you’re already planning to enjoy your favorite series and movies in front of the big TV screen. This is wonderful, but in addition to setting up a TV set,  you must also consider installing a TV antenna. Will you do it yourself – or will you call in professionals for help? No matter how much we think about it, some answers impose themselves.

TV Aerial Installation: DIY Or Hiring Professionals?


Although today, satellite and cable televisions are available almost everywhere – a large number of people still decide to install a TV antenna when choosing TV services. The main reason for this is that by installing an antenna you also get certain advantages. Namely, you can watch a large number of free TV channels with good HD picture quality.

However, when it comes to installing an antenna, many of us are faced with the dilemma of whether we can do it ourselves or it is better to call for professional help. We will tell you why you should opt for professionals from the very beginning.

First of all, installing antennas is not as simple a DIY job as it may seem at first glance. In fact, everything is way more complex than you think – and you have no guarantee that you will be able to achieve a good TV signal after all.

Why Choosing A Professional Antenna Installation Service Instead of DIY?

As we have already mentioned, the installation of an antenna system is a more complex job than most of us think. In addition, this job carries with it certain risks, such as working at height, connecting cables, and working with electricity, etc. Therefore, hiring professional installers is always a better choice. Of course, there are many other advantages of hiring professionals – so we will point out some of them.

Hiring Professionals Means You Don’t Need To Be Worried About Safety


When we talk about the installation of external antennas, it is clear that most of us place them on the roofs of houses – or on a bar that reaches a certain height. This is important because of the better capture of the TV signal and the orientation of the antenna system towards the nearest TV tower. However, when you work at height, it is clear to you that it carries with it certain risks.

Therefore, it is not recommended that you do it yourself, especially if you are not good at it – because such work can expose you to falls and injuries, which can be very dangerous. On the other hand, professionals do this part of the job routinely because they have years of experience behind them – and by hiring professionals, you will save yourself from this risk.

In addition, working at height means avoiding obstacles such as skylights, tree branches, gutters, etc. Also, there are power cords that you should avoid as this could be a potentially dangerous situation that can lead to electric shock.

Good TV Signal And Customer Support In Case Of Problems

When you install a TV antenna according to the DIY principle – you can never be completely sure if something will disturb your TV signal. Namely, it often happens that the antenna system is not well attached – so you might have an interruption in the TV signal. Moreover, due to such errors, the entire antenna system can fall and cause additional damage. Even if that doesn’t happen, you can still have frequent interruptions in TV signal reception.

Unfortunately, that means re-climbing and double work for you. This can be very frustrating, especially if you lose the signal just as you are watching your favorite TV show. However, you won’t have such problems if you opt for a professional TV antenna installation service. Namely, professionals will install the entire system so that you don’t have any problems in receiving signals.

According to, even in the case of any malfunction on your signal – professional companies have customer support that you can turn to. This means that they will send their team to you as soon as possible – and eliminate any possible malfunction that has occurred.

DIY Option Requires Tools, And Professionals Already Have Them


When you decide to install the antenna yourself – it means that you must have an adequate installation tool. To be honest – this is not a tool that each of us already has in the household. Therefore, a DIY installation will probably cost you in terms of buying tools and then following the installation tutorial.

Also, in that case, you should have safety equipment, which is an additional cost – and you must also be informed about the regulations related to the work related to electrical installations. Overall, when you draw the line, it is far safer, painless, and even cheaper to contact the professionals from the service for installing TV antennas.

Professionals Will Save Your Time And Effort

Given that they have extensive experience, tools, and all the necessary equipment – it is quite certain that professionals will save the time required to perform the installation of a TV antenna. Also, professional service means that the installation will be done quickly, efficiently – and most importantly safely, regardless of the conditions in which they work.

Namely, no matter how complex the design of your home – professionals will always know where and how best to install the antenna so that it does not disturb the living conditions in your home. On the other hand, they will provide you with a good signal and reception on your TV.



While you may have thought that DIY is a good option when installing a TV antenna, we need to reassure you. This can be good if you, yourself, are a professional, and you have all the necessary knowledge and tools you need. In other cases, this may be primarily unsafe – and requires the purchase of tools that are needed.

Overall, we can say that the DIY option is unprofitable. Besides, professionals give a guarantee on their work, and they also offer you customer support – which is very valuable in certain situations. Therefore, the answer to the original question: DIY or hiring professionals – is more than obvious.