Corporate YouTube: Benefits of Having Your Own YouTube-like Video Platform

YouTube is all the rage these days. Over a billion hours of YouTube videos are watched daily. Businesses are also in on the trend – utilizing videos for marketing and sales purposes. However, video has a lot more to offer, and YouTube is not able to cater to their corporate needs as it is designed mainly for personal use and mostly has user-generated content for entertainment purposes.

However, businesses use videos for so much more than just marketing and sales. Here are just a few more use cases:

  • Training and learning
  • Corporate live events
  • Internal Communication
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Knowledge Management
  • Video Archival

For this purpose, Corporate YouTubes came into being. Let’s get to know about it!

What Exactly is a ‘Corporate YouTube’?

Corporate YouTube is simply a secure YouTube-like video platform specifically designed to cater to enterprise video use cases. It is a private platform just for your organization’s video content that not only allows you to stream live and on-demand videos but also supports end-to-end video content management.

Why is YouTube Not Suitable for Corporate Use?


YouTube was designed as a public, social media platform; security is definitely not their priority. It is also not designed for large-scale video use cases. Hence, despite the various benefits of YouTube, it might fall short on multiple fronts for enterprise use cases. Here is just some of what you miss out when using YouTube:

  • Be prepared to lose ownership of your content as YouTube is a public portal
  • Security is definitely a weak point; critical security features like end-to-end integration and SSO integration are not available
  • Cannot limit access to your internal organization or certain groups and users; private video streaming is not possible
  • Not possible to meet various compliance requirements due to lack of data governance features
  • Secure sharing for a limited time will not be possible
  • Disruptions from competitor content recommendations and adverts
  • The video portal is not customizable and lacks advanced branding options
  • YouTube is also blocked in some major regions like China; even some companies and educational institutions restrict its usage due to the distractions it causes to work

Top 5 Benefits of Having Your Own Corporate YouTube-like Platform

Corporate YouTube helps overcome all the shortcomings of YouTube in terms of enterprise use cases through a variety of features. Let us explore the top 5 ways your organization will benefit from having a Corporate YouTube-like platform:

1. Security Will Never Be Compromised


One of the main benefits of a corporate YouTube is that security is a top priority. Where YouTube lacks, Corporate YouTube makes up. Here are just some of the critical security features offered by an effective Corporate YouTube:

  • SSO integration to ensure only authorized individuals gain access
  • End-to-end encryption for content protection in transit and at rest
  • Option to place IP, domain, and location restrictions
  • Role-based access control to limit what actions different user roles can perform
  • Content Segregation to restrict which user group can access which content

2. Internal Comms Will No Longer Be Left Out

Corporate YouTubes help enterprises utilize video for internal communication and collaboration. They can integrate with video conferencing solutions like Zoom and Microsoft Teams to hold scalable and secure live sessions or meetings; have these be recorded and ingested as on-demand internal content for future reference.

You can even use these portals for the purposes of knowledge management with different categories and playlists, groups to segregate content for certain departments, creation of interactive training courses with quizzes and analytics, secure sharing options to collaborate with external stakeholders, and much more.

3. Centralized Management of All Your Video Content


Video content is produced for a variety of purposes from a variety of sources. Corporate YouTube helps you connect with all these applications and centrally store and manage these videos. The content is easies to search (even AI-powered in-video search is possible), analyze, share, secure, govern, and archive. The content will be accessible from any device, browser, location and under varying bandwidth conditions.

4. Meet All Your Compliance Requirements

Enterprises have to meet various regional and industry-specific compliance requirements in order to protect data and ensure the right security measures are in place. For instance, HIPAA compliance is in place for the healthcare industry and GDPR has been brought into action to protect the data of the residents of the EU region.

These compliance requirements are equally applicable o video-related data. For that purpose, Corporate YouTubes provide a variety of capabilities, including:

  • Audit logs to keep track of all the portal activities
  • Custom security policies
  • Anonymous user policy
  • Custom retention period
  • Cloud provider and region of choice for where your videos are stored

5. You Are in Control


Having your very own Corporate YouTube allows you to maintain content ownership as well as adjust administrative and security controls based on your requirements. You can choose to have your videos accessible to the public or restricted internally within your organization. You can even limit it to certain groups and internal or external viewers. Plus, role-based access controls will allow you to quickly limit what video actions different user roles may perform.


Suffice to say, having a Corporate YouTube-like platform is the need of the hour for enterprises wanting to unleash the full potential of all their video content. Wondering how you can possibly create your own Corporate YouTube?
Read this article ‘how to create a video streaming website like YouTube?’ to learn how to build such a video platform. It will even reveal to you a much easier method – simply buying a ready-made Corporate YouTube-like enterprise video platform like VIDIZMO and hosting it on your own domain. You will learn this will not only be a more cost-effective solution but also save you a ton of time that you can better invest on other business-critical matters.